No PUBG in India even after Tencent license withdrawal?

Image Source:India TV

Indian Government is unlikely to revoke the PUBG ban, say some reports.

It has been a month since PUBG mobile has been ban in India. A lot of things have happened since then. PUBG has cut ties with Tencent and is in search of new partners to handle operations in the Indian subcontinent.

They thought this move would help them bring the game back in India. But according to a source, this won’t be enough to bring the game back in India.

“The violent nature of the game has been the cause of many complaints from all quarters. That does not change with the change in ownership rights”. said the source.

Talking about a potential partner, PUBG has been in talks with Jio. 

A PUBG spokeswoman from South Korea told that “We had initial talks with Jio Platforms to seek cooperation opportunities, but nothing has been decided yet”.

So even if PUBG gets a deal done with Jio to handle the operations in India, it is not sure that the Government will lift the ban. Because the link with the Chinese company wasn’t the only reason for the ban, as per the source. Let’s see how this story builds in the future.


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