Playstation 5 flaunts incredible features, specifications, games and more in latest leaks

Playstation 5

New leaks and rumours are making Sony’s next-gen-console aka the PS5 more and more exciting each day. The latest leaks come from well-renowned hardware leaker Komachi who leaked APU chip codenamed ‘Oberon‘. It is anticipated to be the same as ‘Ariel‘ and ‘Gonzalo‘. Both Ariel and Gonzalo are the presumed names of the APU PS5 will feature. Furthermore, the gen2 number suggests the console to be above AMD Navi 5700 GPU and somewhat similar to RTX 2080 power-wise.

Let’s see a few details  that have been revealed until now:

Playstation 5 Release Date, Specs, Pricing:

If we go by the leaks and rumours, we can expect PS5 to fascinate the gaming industry in April 2020. Though no exact figure on the price tag is available, we can expect it to have a hefty price tag It is believed to come with a price tag somewhat similar to the price of the current generation. Coming onto specs, PS5 will be backwards compatible with PS4 and will have a PSVR feature available.

As already discussed, ‘Oberon’ is to be the APU name which comes with a native clock of 2.000GHz. It will be as powerful as the RTX2080 as a 2GHz clock speed would be the equivalent of over 14 teraflops of computing power which is more than the PS4 Pro’s 4 and the Xbox One X’s 6 teraflops combined. Rumours also suggest that it is going to be more powerful than Microsoft’s Xbox. The console will also support 8K gameplay depending on the device.

These rumours just don’t stop kicking in and with the hype, PS5 has created, we only expect it to live up the hype.


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