The Indian Wire » Gaming » Top Esports is the PMCO Spring Split Global Finals 2019 Winners: Matchday 1, Matchday 2, Matchday 3 Results, Top Teams, Highlights and More

Top Esports is the PMCO Spring Split Global Finals 2019 Winners: Matchday 1, Matchday 2, Matchday 3 Results, Top Teams, Highlights and More

Final 16 team PMCO Finals

A few days ago I wrote about all the 16 teams from all around the world who qualified for  the PUBG Mobile Club Open Global Finals 2019.  Well the wait is over as the PMCO Finals,2019 commence today. We will see our favourite teams battle against each other real soon.

Matchday 1 Schedule:

  1. Map 1: Erangel
  2. Map 2: Sanhok
  3. Map 3: Vikendi
  4. Map 4: Miramar

Day 1 matches will be played in Third Presecpective Person mode (TPP). Tournament is to start at 3:00 PM IST and will end at 8:00 PM IST, however the start may be delayed.

So guys stay tuned as I will bring all the latest updates of PMCO Global Finals 2019 from results to winner of each match, MVP of each match and highlights too if you missed on the important moments of any match. Just sit back and enjoy the weekend.

The tournament will be streamed live at PUBG’s official Youtube channel. However, the broadcast hasn’t started yet.

PMCO broadcast finally begins. Qualified Teams making their entrance. It is being broadcasted in many languages.

To watch it live in English click here:

To watch it live in Hindi click here:

Match 1 Shanhok (TPP):

SCARZ Black wins first round

SCARZ Black from Japan won the opening match of the PMCO Global Finals, 2019. Spacestation Gaming(USA) finished 2nd even after losing first player of the match SSG|Carnage to Team Soul. Chinese Team XQuest F(XQF) finished 3rd. Many big teams like RRQ, BTR, PLM didn’t perform according to their capabilities. However, we still have 15matches left and the we will see the tables turn quit a lot in these 3 days.

Dream Team Match 1:

  1. XQF Cat
  2. SSG | Juicy
  3. SZB Shimon
  4. SZB Naoto

Top three team points in Match 1:

  1. Scarz Black(39 points)
  2. Spacestation Gaming (29 points)
  3. XQF(29 points)

Players with Top Kills:

  1. SZB Shimon: 6 Kills
  2. PLM NAWN: 5 Kills
  3. XQF CAT: 5 Kills
  4. SSG Juicy: 4 Kills
  5. PLM Zooms: 3 Kills

Team with Top Kills:

Purple Mood Esports(PLM): 11 Kills

PMCO Match 1 Highlights:

Match 2 Miramar TPP:

Well it didn’t long enough for the champions RRQ Athena to show other teams why they are the champions. They didn’t have many kills early but as the game progressed they were just all over the killfeed with RRQ Earnny on fire. BTR(Bigertron Esports) who finished 2nd in the PMCO SEA Regional Finals to RRQ Athena couldn’t take on the champions once again and finished 2nd. ELG(Elite Gaming Squad) from China finished 3rd.

Team Soul from India died early once again and currently stand at #14 with mere 9 points.

Dream Team for Match 2:

  1. RRQ Earnny
  3. Unique Oldboy
  4. BTR Ryzen

Top three team points in Match 2:

  1. RRQ Athena: 43 points
  2. BTR: 31 points
  3. ELG: 29 points

Players with Top Kills:

  1. RRQ Earnny: 9 Kills
  2. LEADER: 6 Kills
  3. SZB Shimon: 6 Kills
  4. XQF Cat: 6 Kills
  5. BTR Luxxy: 5 Kills

Team with Top Kills:

RRQ Athena: 13 Kills

PMCO Match 2 Highlights:

Match 3 Vikendi:

This was the best match of the day. GC Busan went on to get the WWCD by killing the only TES man standing TES KKskr. But the best moment was TES KKskr’s 1v4 clutch against RRQ Athena, the Kings of PUBG Mobile.

Team Soul’s disappointing day went on to continue in 3rd Match too and they were again eliminated early.

Top three team points in Match 3:

  1. GCBusan: (41 points)
  2. TopEsports(TES): (33 points)
  3. RRQ Athena: (23 points)

Players with Top Kills after 3 Matches:

  1. GC BUSAN JUSTHIS: 10 Kills
  2. RRQ EARNNY: 10 Kills
  3. TES KKSKR: 9 Kills
  4. BTR LUXXY: 8 Kills
  5. XQF CAT: 7 Kills

Overall Standings after Match 3:

  1. RRQ Athena: 74 points
  2. XQF: 62 points
  3. GC Busan: 61 points

Match 4 Erangel:

Day 1 ended at a high note with XQF claiming the WWCD with 20 Kills and Top Esports finishing 2nd. It was the best Match for Team Soul as they finished 5th in this match. And we hope they continue this form in the coming 2 days.

Top three team points in Match 4:

  1. X Quest F: 50 points
  2. TopEsports(TES): 31 points
  3. SSG: 23 points

Overall Standings after Day 1:

  1. XQF: 112 points
  2. TES: 89 points
  3. RRQ Athena: 88 points

Players with Top Kills after Day 1:

  1. XQF Paraboy: 11 Kills
  2. XQF Coolboy: 11 Kills
  3. BSN RRQ Earnny: 10 Kills
  4. TES KKskr: 10 Kills

PMCO Match 4 Highlights:


Well the tournament is still on and the tables can turn anytime, as we still have 12 matches remaining. See you guys again with updates on Day 2.

After an exiting Day 1 of the PMCO Spring Split Finals, 2019, the 16 teams are ready for Day 2 to try and even the odds out. It will be fun to watch these teams fight for Top 3 on Day 2. Here’s the schedule for Day 2:

A total of 6 matches are to be played, all in Third Person Prespective(TPP):

  • Map 1: Sanhok
  • Map 2: Erangel
  • Map 3: Miramar
  • Map 4: Erangel
  • Map 5: Vikendi
  • Map 6: Erangel

Day 2 has three Erangel maps to be played and we hope Team Soul makes a comeback on their favourite map on Day 2.

Day 2 Match 1 Sanhok TPP:

PMCO Korean Regional Winners GC Busan won the first match of Day 2. However, it was ELG who were on a killing spree with 11 kills. With this match the champions RRQ Athena fell to 5th position and top 3 spots have been taken by the Chinese teams. Nothing impressive from Team Soul yet but let’s see whats in store for them in the upcoming matches.

Top Kills Ranking Round 5:

  1. ELG: 11 Kills
  2. GCBUSAN: 6 Kills
  3. TES: 6 Kills

Top three team points of Day 2 Match 1:

  1. GCBUSAN: 36 points
  2. Elite Gaming(ELG): 30 points
  3. TES: 28 points

Overall Standings after Round 5:

  1. XQF: 124 points
  2. Top Esports: 117 points
  3. Elite Gaming: 106 points
  4. GC Busan: 102 points
  5. RRQ Athena: 97 points

PMCO Match 1 Highlights:

Day 2 Match 2 Erangel TPP:

Finally Team Soul’s impressive performance comes in with Soul Owais on fire and 8 team kills.They finished 2nd to NOVA Esports as the zone wasn’t in their favour but it was hell of a performance from the Indian champions. RRQ Athena makes a comeback and finished 3rd.

Top 3 team points in Round 6:

  1. NOVA Esports: 32 points
  2. Team Soul: 30 points
  3. RRQ Athena: 24 points

Overall Kills by Players:

  1. XQF CAT: 14 Kills
  2. XQF Paraboy: 14 Kills
  3. XQF Coolboy: 13 Kills
  4. JUSTHIS: 12 Kills
  5. BTR ZUXXY: 11 Kills

Overall Standings after Round 6:

  1. XQF: 142 points
  2. TOP ESPORTS: 121 points
  3. RRQ Athena: 121 points

PMCO Round 6 Highlights:

Day 2 Match 3 Miramar TPP:

2nd Chicken Dinner for NOVA Esports in a row. They seem to be improving in each match and will be a tough competition to top team if they continue to play like this as they moved onto 3rd spot overall. This was Team QUESO’s best performance and they finished 2nd with SNT finishing 3rd.

Round 7 Top 3 team points:

  1. NOVA Esports: 41 points
  2. Team QUESO: 26 points
  3. SNT: 24 Kills

Overall Standings after Round 7:

  1. XQF: 154 points
  2. RRQ Athena: 141 points
  3. NOVA Esports: 132 points

Round 7 Highlights:

Day 2 Match 8 Erangel:

Team Soul’s good performance continues as they finished 5th. Team Uniq won the match with 14 Kills. All Rejection Gaming finished 2nd and Purple Mood finished 3rd with Top Esports continuing their top performance one again and finishing at the 4th spot. RRQ’s 3 players were knocked and finished early in the match and they couldn’t get enough from the match.

Round 8 Top 3 team points:

  1. Team Uniq: 44 points
  3. Purple Mood: 26 points 

Top Team Kills in Round 8:

  1. Team Uniq: 14 Kills
  2. ARG: 11 Kills
  3. XQF: 9 Kills

Overall Player Kills:

  1. Uniq Oldboy: 24 Kills
  2. XQF Paraboy: 23 Kills
  3. XQF Coolboy: 16 Kills
  4. BTR Zuxxy: 15 Kills
  5. XQF Cat: 14 kills

Round 8 highlights:

Day 2 Match 5 Vikendi TPP:

RRQ Athena’s bad run of games continues as they were eliminated too early once again with TQayala clutching 1v3 against RRQ. Team Soul continues their good performance and finished 4th with 4 Kills. Chinese squad Elite Gaming bagged the WWCD with GC Busan once again impressing the viewers by their consistence performance. Nova Esports finished 3rd.

Top 3 team points:

  1. Elite Gaming: 42 points
  2. GC Busan: 26 points
  3. Nova Esports: 25 points

Team Kills in Round 9:

  1. ELG: 12 Kills
  2. XQF: 12 Kills
  3. Team Queso: 8 Kills
  4. GC Busan: 8 Kills
  5. Purple Mood: 7 Kills

Round 9 Highlights:

Day 2 Match 6 Erangel TPP:

Finally a WWCD for Team Soul. What a day it has been for Team Soul and their fans. This win takes them to 7th spot with 144 points and Matchday 3 has so much to offer. RRQ again disappoints and are at 5th spot with 151 points.

Top 3 teams Round 10:

  1. Team Soul: 39 points
  2. ELG: 29 points
  3. ARG: 26 points

Top team kills Round 10:

  1. Team Soul: 9 Kills
  2. ELG: 7 Kills
  3. ARG: 7 Kills

Overall Standings After Day 3:

  1. XQF: 212 points
  2. ELG: 193 points
  3. TES: 184 points

Good Night guys will be back tomorrow with more updates. Let’s see what the final day has in store and who goes on to become the Champion of the Champions.

Day 3 Match 1 Sanhok TPP:

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner for BTR Esports after a frustrating Day 2. BTR were on fire and managed 14 Kills in their WWCD. Team Soul were eliminated early at 13th spot and managed to gather just 6 points. Elite Gaming continued with their consistency and finished 2nd. Brazilian Killers finished 3rd.

Top 3 team standings in Round 11:

  1. BTR: 44 points
  2. ELG: 26 points
  3. BKR: 23 Kills

Team Kills in Round 11:

  1. BTR: 14 Kills
  2. ELG: 7 Kills
  3. BKR: 5 Kills

Overall  Player Kills:

  1. XQF Paraboy: 28 Kills
  2. UniqOldboy: 26 Kills
  3. BTR Zuxxy: 23 Kills
  4. BSN Justhis: 20 Kills

Overall Standings:

  1. XQF: 221 points
  2. ELG: 219 points
  3. TES: 200 points

PMCO Round 11 Highlights:

Day 3 Match 2 Erangel TPP:

It was time for All Rejection Gaming to shine this time. They bagged the Chicken Dinner with 13 Kills. Team Soul continues their bad run of games on Day 3. RRQ Athena strongly contesting to make it to the top 3 as they stood 3rd in this match with Team Queso finishing 2nd.

Top 3 team points Round 12:

  1. ARG: 43 points
  2. Team Queso: 28 points
  3. RRQ Athena: 25 points

Total Team Kills Round 12:

  1. ARG: 13 Kills
  2. Team Queso: 6 Kills
  3. RRQ Athena: 6 Kills

Overall Standings after Round 12:

  1. ELG: 234 points
  2. XQF: 227 points
  3. TES: 205 points

PMCO Round 12 Highlights:

Day 3 Round 13 Miramar TPP:

Top Esports’s 45 points Chicken Dinner took them at the top of the table in Round 13.  The competition is getting so exciting as we approach the finale with Chinese teams dominating the tournament and fighting for the Top spot among themselves. RRQ finished 2nd and BKR finished 3rd.

Top 3 team points Round 13:

  1. TES: 45points
  2. RRQ Athena: 26 points
  3. BKR: 21  points

Top Player Kills:

  1. XQF Paraboy: 32 points
  2. Uniq Oldboy: 27 Kills
  3. SSG Sixless: 25 Kills
  4. BTR Zuxxy: 23 Kills
  5. XQF Cat: 23 Kills

Overall Standings:

  1. TES: 250 points
  2. XQF: 248 points
  3. ELG: 244 points

PMCO Round 13 Highlights:

Day 3 Round 14 Erangel TPP:

BTR’s 2nd Chicken Dinner of the day and they are looking strong on the final day. Team Soul again fails to do something impressive. The table top is lit right now with top 3 teams just having 13 points of difference. 2 matches more remain and we will soon find out who takes the trophy home.

Top 3 team points:

  1. BTR: 41 points
  2. XQF: 31 points
  3. TES: 29 points

Top 3 team kills:

  1. BTR: 14 Kills
  2. TES: 10 Kills
  3. XQF: 9 Kills

Overall Standings:

  1. XQF: 279 points
  2. TES: 279 points
  3. ELG: 266 points

PMCO Round 14 Highlights:–70WYMiA

Day 3 Round 15 Vikendi TPP:

Top Esports get back at the top of the table, bagging another WWCD and pushes XQF to the 2nd spot. As we move on to the final match, it seems like the finale is going to be really intense with 3 Chinese teams looking to shine in PMCO 2019.

Top 3 team points:

  1. TES: 46 points
  2. PLM: 28 points
  3. Team Queso: 25 points

Top Team Kills:

  1. TES: 16 Kills
  2. PLM: 9 Kills
  3. XQF: 7 Kills

Overall Standings:

  1. TES: 325 points
  2. XQF: 300 points
  3. ELG: 276 points

PMCO Round 15 Highlights:

Day 3 Match 16 Erangel TPP:

Bigertron Esports’s third WWCD of the day as they show immense character of strength on the final day. However, they couldn’t finish Top 3 as every team found it hard to compete with the Chinese teams who grabbed all the Top 3 spots.

Final Standings:

Winner of PMCO Spring Split Finals: Top Esports(TES)

1st Runner up: X  Quest F(XQF)

2nd Runner Up: Elite Gaming(ELG) 

Favourite Player: RRQ G9

PMCO Match 16 Highlights:

So after 3 days of tough competition TES become the champions whereas defending Champions RRQ couldn’t even finished Top 3 and finished at 4th spot.

I hope you guys enjoyed the coverage and maybe next year we see an Indian Team up there as Esports is growing in India.

#GGWP Team Soul

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