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Pokemon Go final wave of Ultra Bonuses to feature Gen 5 Pokemon

Niantic’s very famous mobile game Pokemon Go finally ended its first season on a high note. The first season offered some really exciting rewards and events, including the recent Water Festival 2019. The new season 2 arrived on 9th September with the Ultra Bonuses being unlocked further introducing new Shiny Pokémon and many changes to the Raid battles. And now, as Pokemon Go’s September Community Day is just a few days away, and just after the event, Niantic will finally roll out the game’s third and final wave of Ultra Bonuses as the company teases Gen 5 Pokemon which is due to arrive in-game beginning next week.

The full list of known first-wave Unova (Gen 5) Pokemon coming to Pokemon GO is as follows:
• 495 Snivy
• 496 Servine
• 497 Serperior
• 498 Tepig
• 499 Pignite
• 500 Emboar
• 501 Oshawott
• 502 Dewott
• 503 Samurott
• 504 Patrat (Shiny!)
• 505 Watchog (Shiny!)
• 506 Lillipup (Shiny!)
• 507 Herdier (Shiny!)
• 508 Stoutland (Shiny!)
• 562 Yamask
• 563 Cofagrigus
• 599 Klink (Shiny!)
• 600 Klang (Shiny!)
• 601 Klinklang (Shiny!)

The Pokemon Go GEN 5 Unova is expected to hit the live servers from September 16, 2019, onwards. This is when the Shiny Pokemon listed above will be arriving to feature in the game for the first time.

This is the fourth time that the company has teased about the final wave of Ultra Bonuses, with earlier teasers featuring the silhouettes of Black and White’s three starter Pokemon: the Grasstype Snivy, the Firetype Tepig, and the Watertype Oshawott.

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