PUBG and Jio in talks over potential PUBG Mobile takeover

Image Source:Inside Sports

Talks between PUBG and Jio has begun over the distribution of PUBG Mobile in India.

South Korean company PUBG and the Indian giants Jio has started talks over the distribution of PUBG Mobile in India. PUBG Mobile was banned in India because of its connection with Tencent. As we all know the whole saga. Since then PUBG has cut ties Tencent, which means the game can potentially be back if they find a suitable Indian company to handle the game’s operations in India.

“The talks are in an early stage, which began just after the government’s second round of bans. Officials from both the sides are working out the contours of how to structure various aspects of the deal,” according to a source.

PUBG and Jio already have a partnership kind of thing. Last year, Jio users who registered for PUBG Lite got special rewards after buying in-game merchandise. Intially Tencent was in search of any company which was not Chinese and was ready to handle the operations of the game. But recently there have been strong links to Indian companies and especially Jio.

According to a report from Sensor Tower, PUBG has more than 175 million installations from India alone which accounts for a quarter of its installations worldwide. So this shows how important the Indian market is for them(in terms of downloads, not revenue) Since its release in 2017, it has seen a total of 734 million installations from around the world.

What Next

Jio has not yet revealed any thing related to this matter. Reports states that the legal teams have started working on how the deal should be structured between them. Whether the revenue will be splitted equally or some other structure will be made.

We are not far away from the arrival of FAU-G though. The game which was announced right after the ban of PUBG. The game may launch around in October. Well if it happens that PUBG and FAU-G both of them come in the market at the same time, it would be very interesting to see where the indian audience would go. Obviously PUBG lovers will jump on at PUBG but everyone will have in their mind to give FAUG at least a chance.

So it would be quite an interesting battle if they come in the market around the same time.


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