Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

PUBG Corporation has recently announced a 3.5 million prizepool tournament PUBG Global Invitational 2021 which is an eighth-week PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds eSports festival to be hosted at South Korea next spring. PUBG Global Invitational 2021 will run from 2nd February to 28th March 2021 and also promised to have a “full safety measures built-in” which includes quarantines, to protect players and attendees against infection. The eighth week eSports festival will together bring 32 global teams from Korea, North America, Europe, Latin America, China, Japan, Southeast Asia and Chinese Taipei.

CH Kim, who is the CEO of PUBG Corporation and parent company KRAFTON commented in a release that its humbling to see the positive response of the fans for their online regional PCS tournaments throughout the year. They are holding PGI.S thanks to fan support and they are confident that they will be able to take the momentum from this year to create their best eSports event yet.

They also added that with safety measures built-in to the event, they are committed to hosting a safe global eSports tournament that can be enjoyed by their players in attendance and fans watching online from around the world.

PUBG Corporation announces 2021 offline Global Invitational.s - Esports Insider
Image Source : Esports Insider

Format of the Tournament –

Opening Weekend :

  1. During 1st week, all teams will compete to determine their starting placement.
  2. Top 16 in 1st week will start the First Weekly Survival.

Weekly Survival :

  1. 16 matches will be held during weekdays to selected 16 Chicken Dinner winners.
  2. In every match, when a team wins the match, the team will stop their Weekly Survival run and will be replaced by 17th in opening weekend.
  3. The process will repeat until 16 different teams with a match win are qualified for Weekly Finals.
  4. Teams will earn prize money during this stage.

Weekly Finals :

  1. There will be 10 matches.
  2. Teams will also earn significantly more prize money at this stage.

Teams will also compete in eight weekly “Survival” matches for a spot in weekly Final matches. The ten matches played per Final will feature a large amount of prize money on the basis of performance. At the end of PUBG Global Invitational 2021, the team with the most amount of money will be crowned as Global Champions. PUBG Corporation has also vowed to follow strict government guidelines and their own safety measures. For example, all player and staff schedules will include a two-weeks quarantine period.