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PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 update coming next week: to include ‘Darkest Night’ mode and new weapons

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PUBG Mobile long-awaited 0.12.0 update is coming next week to the App Store and Play Store. The update will come with a few new gameplay features including ‘Darkest Night’ mode. PUBG Mobile collaborated with Capcom for Resident Evil 2 back in 2018, and it is looking forward to continuing the partnership by refreshing the PUBG Mobile x Resident Evil 2 survival game mode as well.

The 0.12.0 update comes with the following features:

Survive Til Dawn 2.0: PUBG Mobile x Resident Evil has been revamped and brings new ghouls as well as new ballistic weaponry.

Darkest Night: This would probably be the most interesting feature to come with the update. This new mode will let players drop solo or in squads and face hordes of zombies as well as survive in toxic gas for 30 minutes until they are evacuated.

Spectator Mode: This mode will allow users to spectate the matches of their friends, crew and clan members live.

Crosshair modification: With the new update, the color of the crosshair in scopes like the red dot, holographic, 2x and 3x can be changed along with its shapes.

The 0.12.0 update will be coming in next week. Recently, PUBG Corp. and Tencent Games announced he PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 tournament with a prize pool of $2.5 million.

Here is the full changelog:

Here is the full changelog:

  • New Feature: MugenSpace / Infinity:
    • Replaces Event mode
    • Survive Till Dawn is now under Expansions
    • More new modes will be added in the future
  • New Infinity Mode: Darkest Night
      • Stay alive for one night while fighting zombies
      • All teams that are still alive at dawn will win
  • New Feature: Companion System:
    • Take a Companion into battle!
    • Enemies will not be able to see them, so there is no exposure risk
    • Earn Companion EXP by taking them into battle, and level them up to unlock Companion emotes
  • Survive Till Dawn Improvements:
    • Stun Grenades now also stun zombies
    • Added Liquid Nitrogen Grenades to freeze enemies and reduce their movement speed
    • Added jumping zombies and zombie dogs
    • Some zombies can now climb over low walls or onto the roof
    • Added RPG-7 and Jungle Style Magazines
    • Flamethrowers now deal more damage
    • M134 handling has been tuned
    • Zombies now move slower after being hit by firearms
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where hair was not displayed correctly when equipping certain headgear
    • Fixed a bug where Season 6 Pants caused graphics glitches in certain footgear
    • Fixed a bug where doors were not displayed properly


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