PUBG Mobile confirms banning over 2 Million Players in One Week for Cheating

Image Source : DNA India

PUBG Mobile is at present one of the most loved and played game throughout the world in every country. However, every game has its own rules and regulations. PUBG Mobile doesn’t support cheating. Recently, according to some sources, around 2 million players along with 1.5 million devices using PUBG Mobile were banned in just one week from August 20-27.

Among these, 32% players were banned for use of x-ray vision, 12% for doing speed hacks, 27% for using auto-aim and 22% for other unspecified reasons. Definitely, PUBG Mobile is not planning to lift the ban on these players and devices so soon. A new update was recently announced by PUBG Mobile along with a $2 million esports tournament. According to Tencent, the update will show over 36% improvement in frame rate and 76% decrease in lag.

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Sources have also revealed that the revenue of PUBG Mobile has globally doubled up to around $3 billion in just seven months. The Chinese version of the game which is called “Game for Peace” has contributed towards increasing the revenue and United States stands in the second position in this list. A new Erangel map will be added in PUBG Mobile as a new update within the upcoming few weeks. Even Tim Sweeney, who is the CEO of Epic Games promoted PUBG Mobile through a tweet as a step in their legal battle with Fortnite as because Fortnite has been removed from the App store.


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