PUBG Mobile continues top revenue charts during COVID-19 lockdown

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We can all agree that this pandemic has driven us all crazy with all the lockdowns happening since the first few months but that wouldn’t be the case for the online gaming industry as with all the lockdowns happening number of gamers downloading and playing games has increased, most particularly PUBG continues to be top-grossing game in the entire world.

Reports suggest that spendings inside the game has increased to 6.7% quarter-over-quarter and has reached $17.5 million with a 16% YoY increase compared to 2019. The game has recorded close to $621 million in Q2 of 2020. This is a decline compared to Q1 where it was $674 million, the company has topped the charts in Q2. Apple’s App Store has it at second position and Google’s Play Store has it at tenth. This is evidence to the claims that people make on calling the game addictive but the position charts prove otherwise, although it is still not a problem bad enough to be stopping Tencent which is pushing ahead day after day to make PUBG the top game for mobile devices.

PUBG is distributed by Tencent games from China and has gained a lot of popularity since its release in countries like the USA and more so in India. PUBG has also beaten its bitter rival “Fortnite” which occupied a mere sixth position on the App Store. All that was despite a 110.7% QoQ increase in revenue. PUBG also met a peak revenue of $270 million in March of 2020 which was the month the first lockdown was initiated.

Apart from being a popular game, it also involves intense competition both in its homeland of China and globally all around the world. But due to recent diplomatic issues between India and China, news have been arising where the government hints at banning PUBG along with the 59 other apps that got banned back in June.


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