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Pubg mobile to introduce new weapons, vehicles, and more

PUBG Mobile

Pubg has become the most played online game in the world in no time. An acronym for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, Pubg is a battle royale game that can be played with friends and partners. Pubg has recently released their 0.10.0 update with a new snow map called Vikendi. Adding to the list of already available maps on Pubg, Vikendi is the 4th map to be featured in the game.

Like any battle royale game, Pubg blends the survival, exploration and scavenging elements of an open-world game with last-man-standing gameplay. The player can choose a map of their preference and then they are launched through an airplane onto the abandoned island along with 99 other players from all over the world. The goal is to scavenge the area for guns, ammo, and other defensive supplies. The player then uses the guns to knock out other players on the island and heal themselves if they got under fire.

Pubg can be played in groups too. A player can choose to go in a squad(4 players) or duo(two players). Going in with friends provides the players with more strategic gameplay as they can contact their friends regarding enemy locations or ask for help if they get knocked out by enemies.

To make the game more intense, Pubg has a feature called the safe zone. The safe zone keeps diminishing after a few minutes and staying out of the safe zone reduces life gradually. Players must stay in the safe zone as the game progresses.

However, the new 0.10.0 update for the mobile version has caused considerable lag. This has left a lot of players unhappy. Nevertheless, according to a report from PUBGgamers website, the new update 0.10.5 is coming by the end of this month.

The Pubg mobile 0.10.5 update will include:

  • Snow Bike: This will exclusively be reserved for the new Vikendi map. A snow bike will enable players to move across the map quickly.
  • Vikendi Weather(Day, Night, and Snow): Like the Day/Night match in Erangel, Vikendi too will be introduced to a new Day/Night match. The Snow weather in Vikendi will make up for some intense and sneaky gameplay.
  • Footprints: With the new update players will be able to track down enemy footprints in the snow which will make it easier to locate enemies.
  • New Voice Chat: With 0.10.0 update, Pubg decided to change the tone of voice chat and players didn’t find it impressive. Pubg might bring the old voice back with this upcoming update.
  • Vikendi Map Stability: The new update might be able to fix the lag issues that have been persisting since the last update.
  • Mk47 Mutant: This is a new assault rifle with 7.62 caliber and a laser pointer for accuracy.
  • FPP Driving: Players can switch to first-person driving mode once they get inside a vehicle.
  • New Vehicle Tukshai: Pubg will be adding a new vehicle that is better known as an auto-rickshaw in India.

There are also rumors of Pubg adding a Zombie-mode for the mobile version of the game but it hasn’t been officially confirmed.

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