Pubg Mobile New Zombie Update Might Let You Play as a Zombie: Watch Video

Pubg Mobile Zombie Mode

Pubg Mobile Zombie Mode is currently one of the most intense and action-packed games available for mobile. The Zombie Mode lasts 30 minutes in which players go through three days and two nights fighting hordes of zombies. Pubg Mobile Zombie Mode features 60 players in the usual gaming structure except the map is smaller and players have to fight off zombies as well as other players in order to gain Chicken Dinner. Now, Pubg Mobile is releasing a new update for the Pubg Mobile Zombie Mode that, as claimed by YouTube gamer MrGhost, might let players become zombies to attack and kill other standard players. The tipster teases the potentiality of a future update that could let players play as zombies. This has stirred a sense of excitement among Pubg Mobile players as this would be quite a new gameplay experience for them.

There is no confirmation as of now as to when the update might come to the game, however, according to the YouTuber, it could be made available with the version 0.13 or the 0.14 of the game. Notably, Pubg PC already has such feature with the humans vs zombie mode.

Additionally, the finals of the Pubg Mobile India series will be taking place on March 10 at the G.M.C. Balayogi Indoor Stadium, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. The event will start at 11 A.M and will be live streamed through Facebook, just like the online qualifiers. The tournament was announced in January and has a prize pool of ₹1 crore. It was announced as an open-for-all, unlike last year’s ‘Campus Championship’ tournament which was limited to college and university students.

The tournament has a prize pool of ₹1 crore. The winning team will take home Rs 30 lakh, while Rs 10 lakh is reserved for the runner-up and Rs 5 lakh for the third-ranking team. All the teams that will have made it to the top 10 will also receive cash prizes. The top 10 teams will receive prize money with the top team receiving ₹30 lakh and the last team receiving ₹50,000.




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