PUBG Mobile News: 0.15.0 update might bring new TDM Aztec Temple Map, Check details

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PUBG Mobile, ever since its launch has revolutionized the mobile gaming community. And to make it even better, PUBG Corp. just keeps on coming with new exciting updates every now and then. Recently, we saw helicopter gameplay, ability to call an airstrike, grenade launcher, RPG and much more with the new beta version, which is still in a testing phase in the Chinese version of the game. And now, the Chinese beta is getting another exciting update, which includes a new PUBG map.

The update is, for now, is available only in the Chinese version of the game and accessible to only a few since it is still being tested. The gameplay of this new map is quite similar to the TDM( Team Death Match) mode which is a 4v4 match. However, in this map, players from both the teams will be spawned at different locations on the map. As soon as a player is killed, he is respawned again until one team geta a definite no. of kills to win the match, similar to TDM mode.

The new map will supposedly have a much larger area as compared to the TDM map. The new map is named as Aztec Temple Map and features much more cover than the TDM map. Here are a few screenshots of the new map:



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