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PUBG Mobile To Soon Feature Helicopters, Grenade Launchers, Tanks, Rocket Launcher and More


PUBG Mobile is yet again coming up with a new update very soon and this time it will be even better. This new update has already rolled out in beta version for testing in the Chinese version of the game. Many exciting updates like helicopter gameplay, ability to call an airstrike and many more have been added. However, the version is only available in the PUBG Mobile Chinese version, as of now.

Season 8 has just crossed the halfway mark and we are already up for new exciting features. So here’s is a list of all the new updates that have already been included in the beta rollout of the Chinese version of the game.


This feature is going to be one of the best inclusions in the game. Similar to the COD Battle Royale PC version, a helicopter will be available for a ride, with a carrying capacity of a whole squad. Just like 3 non-driving players can peek and shoot while in a vehicle, the helicopter too offers the same.

BRDM Military Vehicle:

The BRDM Military vehicle is a replacement for bulletproof UAZ which we got via an airdrop when shooting flare outside the circle. BRDM is basically bulletproof tank which has the ability to travel on both land and water. Well, now you don’t need to worry if you have a flare gun and are too far away from the circle with no vehicle or boat available.

Grenade and Rocket launchers:

You can now go 1v4 easily with a Rocket and Grenade launcher in hand and just ‘burn them all’. With the M3E1 Rocket launcher, you can easily lock the target and even with a bad aim, you can blow your enemy with a mini-missile rocket. Furthermore, the MGL and M79 grenade launcher allow you to throw projectile grenades up to a certain distance which will explode on impact.


Players will now have the ability to call airstrikes, thereby, turning the area into a red zone with the exception of bombs falling from above.

Exploding Gas Cans:

Gas Cans get more realistic than ever as they will now blow up when shot at.

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