PUBG mobile to get 90FPS support soon

Pubg Mobile

Qualcomm announced its next-generation processor that will support 5G, 200 MP camera, and 144Hz displays. The new processor will have a new function that is going to improve Mobile Gaming. During the summit, Qualcomm announced that the Snapdragon 865 will allow 90 Frames per second in PUBG Mobile. Both Qualcomm and PUBG Inc. have teamed up for the new feature. According to Qualcomm Snapdragon, 865 powered devices will be able to push 90FPS in PUBG Mobile, allowing users to make full use of the high refresh-rate displays on while playing. The new processor will also allow true 10-bit HDRgaming experience on PUBG.

PUBG to support 90FPS next year

PUBG will be among the first game to support 90FPS as well as true 10-bit HDR. The 90FPS will make the game even more smooth and the 10-bit HDR support will enhance the visual effects of the game. This will exceed the current HDR mode of PUBG Mobile. At present, the HDR mode in the game settings does not provide significant visual quality improvement. Expectations are that after the 10-bit HDR the game screen will have a higher dynamic range. 90 FPS in PUBG and 10-Bit HDR support from next year when the next-gen processor will be launched.

PUBG Inc has recently been launched for PlayStation 4 with a subscription. The subscription will allow the gamers to stream through sony’s cloud service.


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