Rockstar Games Now Has Its Own PC Launcher As It Gives Free GTA San Andreas With It

Rockstar Games, as many of you, must be familiar, is the brain behind the very famous title GTA(Grand Theft Auto) series. The company has been in the news in the recent past, mainly because of GTA 5 which received new updates recently and also for its highly anticipated successor of GTA 5, GTA6 which the company is planning to launch next year for next-gen consoles. And now, once again Rockstar Games has managed to be in the limelight and this time the credit goes to the company’s new PC launcher of its own.

On Tuesday, the company announced on Twitter a new Rockstar Games PC Launcher which is now available for download. However, this is not it, the company is also offering a digital copy of its famous title GTA: San Andreas on download for Windows, for free.

To avail the offer, all you need to have is a Rockstar Games Special Club account. The launcher will offer support for some really exciting titles including GTA V, LA Noire, Bully, Max Payne 3 and GTA: Vice City.

However, we still don’t know how this will impact Rockstar Games on Steam but the new launcher surely sounds pretty interesting. As of now, no end date for the offer to avail has been announced by the company yet so anyone interested in the offer can get their hands on the new launcher now.


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