Rumors suggest Amazon’s Lord Of The Ring Series will add three classic characters

Lord Of the Rings cover with all characters
Image Source: Google Images

Reports suggest that Amazon’s Lord of The Rings TV series will add three popular characters from the LOTR lore. According to IGN, the series will have Galadriel, Sauron, and Elrond. Earlier reports have revealed that Morfydd Clark is playing the role of young Galadriel.

The show has taken place during the Second Age of the Middle-earth, which was briefly explored in the movies. The Second Age features key events like the rise and fall of Numenor, the creation of the Rings of Power, and the formation of the Last Alliance.

It is said that the cast of Amazon’s LOTR series includes Owain Arthur, Robert Aramayo and many more. It won’t be long until we get to watch the upcoming Amazon’s LOTR series.


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