Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 will be the first Android tablet to get Fortnite gameplay at 90fps

Samsung smartphones and tablets are the only devices where customers can now officially get Fortnite and now the tablets are getting a boost for the game. The Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+ can now run Fortnite at 90fps.

Fortnite on Android had the ability to be played at 90fps on a few devices particularly from OnePlus but it has not been expanded yet to Android tablets. This has changed as Samsung and Epic Games have unlocked the gameplay at 90fps on Galaxy Tab S7 series.

Image Source : India TV News

Both the new flagship tablets of Samsung can now run Fortnite at a high refresh rate taking proper advantage of 120Hz displays on the devices. The reason is still unclear regarding the unavailability of 120fps gameplay and the extra 30fps might make a noticeable difference in the gameplay.

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. recently announced that from 13th October, 2020, the owners of Tab S7 and Tab S7+ can level up their experience of Fortnite gameplay with up to 90fps. The improved frame rate would offer Galaxy Tab S7+ Fortnite players the smoothest mobile gaming performance till now.

Image Source : TecheNet

For playing Fortnite at 90fps, users of Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+ have to update the Fortnite app or download and install it from Samsung Galaxy Store which is the only app store in US from where people can download and play the ongoing season of Fortnite.

Apart from all this, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is not the only tablet to get a faster gameplay for Fortnite. This year, Epic Games brought support for 120fps to iPad Pro lineup but because of the legal battle Epic is engaged in right now, new Fortnite for iOS updates is unlikely to come anytime soon. However, at present, customers can purchase Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 starting at a price of $649.