Scorn (PC/Xbox): A Demonic Treat To the Eyes

Scorn New Trailer New PC Game

Scorn is a first-person horror PC/Xbox game that takes place in a world inspired by the works of Swiss artist H.R. Giger. Moreover, Giger’s portfolio can be described as airbrush images of humans and machines, connected in cold biomechanical relationships. Similarly, the new Scorn trailer takes us into that hellish yet breathtaking world. Blood-splattered alien brutalist rococo walls. And a seething amount of gore. Bones, spines and cartilages – a slow nightmare.

Scorn Demon Walls Blood PC Xbox Series X Xbox Series S Game New Game 2021 2020

Talking about demons, do not consider this as DOOM. Conversely, Scorn is exactly opposite of what that game stands for. Scorn is a slowly-paced survival horror. And strictly not a game to mull down demons like its ULTRAKILL or its counterparts. It focuses on atmosphere and tension. And it makes sure it gets to the chambers of your amygdala. Comparatively, this game is exactly what Amnesia would be like as a shooter.

The demons in Scorn funnily look almost dog-like and it’s hard not to want to pet them. The shotgun that you have is actually animate and alive. The shotgun’s central nervous system is just another weird slug – something that you can see everyday, right? Maybe, some of the “Get out of my lawn” Americans would relate. Anyway, always keep your gun in raincheck as reloading in Scorn is sort of slow. Besides, it’s not like you want to kill those small demon-pups. You absolutely have to, but you know – those cute little things.

Scorn looks like a nightmare-fuel but a visual treat to the eyes. The game is set to release sometime in 2021 on PC and Xbox Series X/S, which is a better expectation date than before. No one knows when, but we’ll surely cover it on our blog.