Sony removes Death Stranding from PlayStation 4 exclusive list

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Just days before Gamescom 2019 kicks of, Sony has removed its Hideo Kojima developed game Death Stranding from Playstation exclusive list. This may seem unexpected, however, it just confirms a rumour from earlier this year wherein news about an upcoming PC version of the game were floating over the internet.

Death Stranding trailer which was released back in May received a mixed response from the audience as many found the trailer to be confusing with absolutely no signs of the exact storyline and average gameplay. As of now, we can just wait for the game to release and see for ourselves what it has to offer.

Death Stranding no longer a PS4 exclusive

Death Stranding is all set to launch on PlayStation 4 later this year on November 8th, 2019. Earlier Sony and Kojima productions had a pact where Death Stranding was to be a PS4 exclusive with plans of a PC version later. But now as Sony confirms, Deat Stranding no longer features in the PS4 exclusive list. However, with Gamsecom 2019 just a few days away, we might see some new reports revolving the game as we already know Death Stranding is making an appearance. So, for now, we can just wait to see what both the companies have in store for us.

You can preorder Death Stranding for $60 from Amazon, or $70 for the steelbook version.


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