Steam finally releases its ‘Remote Play Together’ feature for all today

steam remote play together

Back in September, Valve added a new update to Steam focussing towards its recommendation feed to be more precise and diverse while suggesting titles, by making algorithmic changes and bug fixes. Then earlier this month, Valve announced that Steam Steam is all set with a new update which will let you play local-only multiplayer games with friends online. Then last month, Steam’s Remote Play Together opened up to beta testers. And now, finally Steam has finally released its Remote Play Together feature today, thereby, taking couch co-op games fully online. Moreover, Steam is offering exciting games at a discount at launch.

With this new ‘Remote Play Together’ feature, players will be able to enjoy local multiplayer games with their friends online. What’s even more interesting is the fact that the  Steamworks page says that the new feature will work automatically for “all local multiplayer, local co-op and split-screen games,” and therefore, developers don’t have to do much work to make their games compatible.

Moreover, the feature will work perfectly for up to four players. The new feature works as if every player has their controllers/keyboards connected to a host PC. Remote Play Together also allows voice chat. Steam Remote Play Together is now available on PC and Mac and even Linux.

The sale is now live, with Valve offering discounts on more than 100 titles. Some of the popular titles include Guacamelee! 2 for $4, Overcooked for $4.24 and Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime for $6.


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