TEARDOWN: Voxels Tremble in Fear

Teardown Steam PC Game Voxel Based Destruction Stack Boxes

Teardown is the most graphically innovative game this year. It is a voxel based game available on Steam which focuses on heists and fully-simulated destructible environments. Your task is to destroy, to plunder, and to do any dirty job assigned to you. Pragmatically, you have to stack or build a way out of places once you loot them. Most of the places have security measures, so you need to build a way out of there first. Then retrace your way back to the escape vehicle.

While that covers the fundamentals of Teardown, it is much more than just that. It is a huge step towards having fully-destructible environments. You can use the plethora of tools to figure a way out. Stack up boxes, ram the vehicle into a 10-feet wall. Explode buildings, bulldoze your way to the upper floor of a building. There’s no limit to the creative escapades that you can explore in Teardown. It all comes down to your rendering hardware, and attention retention. As it takes some brain-juices to figure a way out quickly once the alarm is rung.

Teardown Steam game Voxel Destruction

Although it’s voxel based, Teardown still requires quite a loaded computer to run it properly. The perfect simulation comes at a cost – as you need at least a GTX 1060 for running the game. While the upper bound for the GPU requirement is only a GTX 1080, the processor power varies quite marginally. While you only need a Quad-Core CPU to run Teardown, you may have to shell out quite a lot in an Intel Core i7 if you want to hit the maximum requirements. Surprisingly, the memory requirement in either case is only a meagre 4 gigabytes.

So go on Steam and buy Teardown as it’s the best Rs 619 you’ll spend this year.