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4 Methods to Purify your Water

Water – it is the essence of life.

The facts say humans cannot survive for a long time without water. We are sure you all agree to this, isn’t it? The human body needs water for almost all its functions – regulating body temperature, digestion, etc.

But, do you know, consuming contaminated water can also cause some serious health problems. Diarrhea, typhoid, and cholera are some of the health diseases that you can suffer from, if you are consuming contaminated water.

It is, therefore, very essential and important to take care of the purity and cleanliness of the water you are drinking. Checkout guide on the best water purifier in India and be sure about the quality of water you are using.

However, there are some of the simple methods in which people can conveniently maintain the quality of the drinking water for its best use. Let us take a closer look at these methods.

Methods for water purifications:

Purifying water for drinking purposes can remove all the unwanted elements and make the water really beneficial for good health. There are many simple yet essential ways in which the water can be purified.

Wouldn’t you be interested in knowing them? After all, using purified water is everyone’s need and essentiality.

Here are some of the common methods that can be used to purify the water and enhance its quality to make it safe for drinking.

  1. Boiling:

Boiling water is one of the cheapest and easiest methods for removing contaminations from water. It can be done without the need for any specific equipment and thus can be done at any place without any hassles.

In this method, water is boiled at a very high temperature, for a few minutes, to kill all its impurities and bacteria. Mostly, the impurities present in water cannot be seen with naked eyes but their impact can really be dangerous for your health. Boiling your water can help to get rid of such harmful impurities.

Once the water is boiled, it should be allowed to get cool down before using it. The cooled water is now safe for all the necessary use for humans.

Boiling water can remove bacteria and some of the other harmful organisms from water. However, there are some other pollutants like lead, etc. that are not filtered out by boiling the water. 

Boiling water can offer you the basic purification from germs and pollutants. And without any doubt, some sort of purification is better than drinking contaminated water, isn’t it?

Benefits of this method:

  • Safe and simple
  • Can remove harmful water contaminants and organisms
  • Can be carried anywhere
  • Does not involve any heavy cost


  • Time-consuming
  • Fail to filter pollutants like lead
  • May also remove dissolved nutrients in the water
  1. Filtration:

This is another effective way of making water safe and purified for drinking purposes. Filtration is beneficial as it removes all the large and small pollutants from the water without reducing the nutritional content of the water.

Since filtration does not remove nutrients of water; the water purified using this method is considered healthy as compared to the other methods available. Moreover, this method uses a chemical absorption process that is quite effective in removing nearly all the contamination from the water.

There are many water filtration machines available in the market that can be trusted for water purification. All these machines are cost-effective and thus do not dig a hole in your pocket. But, you should make it a point to choose only branded and authentic water filtration machines for your needs.

Now, if you are thinking about what makes this process of water purification so effective and popular, then here are some of its benefits.

Benefits of this method:

  • Convenient to use
  • Removes even smaller pollutants like chlorine, pesticides, etc.
  • Does not require much energy
  • Does not remove nutrients from the water


  • The initial cost is high
  • Filters must be changed after the required time
  • Requires installation as well
  1. Distillation:

Water has a lower boiling point than all the other contaminants and pollutants and this method of water distillation uses the same scientific method for purification. This method is really effective for raw and untreated water to make it safe for drinking.

In this method, water is subjected to boiling up to its boiling point and is boiled at the same temperature for some time until it starts vaporizing. The vapors are then collected and directed to an effective condenser to cool down. Once all the vapors are collected, they are again reversed into the liquid state as fresh and contamination-free water.

This method can be trusted for removing dissolved salts, germs, pollutants, etc. from the water that has a higher boiling point than water. This method is usually preferred for purifying small quantities of water and is not considered adequate for industrial purification. Moreover, you really need a good amount of time for this water purification method to show its results.

Benefits of this method:

  • Maintains the nutrients of water
  • Removes almost all the pollutants and contaminants
  • Suitable for small quantities of raw and untouched water
  • An effective and efficient way of water purification 


  • Time-consuming process
  • Costly as it requires a heat source for purification
  • Can contribute to environmental pollution
  1. Chlorination:

Last but not least, chlorination is one effective method of water purification that has been in use for many years. This method can be used to remove germs, bacteria, parasites and some of the other water pollutants.

You can either use chlorine tablets or liquid chlorine for purifying water from the contaminations. In both ways, the chlorine will deliver the required and effective results. 

To further enhance the effectiveness of this method, add chlorine in a little heated water. This allows the chlorine to get easily and quickly dissolved in water for removing the maximum contaminants and pollutants.

The use of chlorine can affect the taste and odor of water and therefore, the users should be sure of this consequence. Along with this, the users should also be sure of the quality of chlorine used for purification as using low-quality chlorine cannot positively remove all the impurities.

Benefits of this method:

  • Effective and cheap
  • Reduces most bacteria and viruses from water
  • Easy to use and conveniently adaptable
  • Can also be used at large-scale


  • Thyroid patients should avoid using this method
  • Affects the taste and odor of water
  • Should ensure chlorine quality


Water purification is an essential need; thus you should be sure that you are using the most effective and suitable method of purification. You can also use multiple methods to purify water and as a result, ensure the safety of your loved ones from the contaminated water diseases. 

Water is the source of life; be sure that you are consuming highly-purified water only.

What are your views and opinions on these methods of water purification? Do you find any of these methods effective and suitable for your use?

Please comment down and write to use your thoughts and opinions. We are excited to hear from you. You can also share any of your queries related to any of the water purification methods. We would be happy to serve you with the best possible information.

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