5 signs that can help in early diagnosis of ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer primarily occurs when the cells in the ovary begin to multiply and tend towards forming a tumor. In the event of these abnormal cells being left out undetected, they gradually spread to other parts of the female body as well, resulting in terminal illness.

Although ovarian cancer does have some warning signs, detecting the disease early could be challenging because the signs are rather vague. As a fact, as little as only 20% of the cases of ovarian cancer are detected at the initial stage. However, in case of early diagnosis about 94% of patients can be made to live longer than 5 years after diagnosis.

Very often, the most common symptoms of ovarian cancer in the initial days are ignored, as they are assumed to be not so serious as health problems. However, if taken up seriously, they could initiate diagnosis in case of any underlying malignancy and prompt treatment in the desired hour.

Here are 5 such common symptoms that could hint towards ovarian cancer:

Abdominal Bloating and Pain

Bloating is when one’s belly inflates and causes a feeling of discomfort and irritation. This phenomenon is quite common and often subsides quickly as one moves around or drinks water.

However, regular abdominal bloating could also be one of the first signs of ovarian cancer. Bloating related to underlying cancer usually occurs due to a build-up of fluid called ascites in the abdomen. This type of bloating is usually accompanied by pain and does not wither away easily. Doctors recommend that in case the bloating lasts for more than 2 weeks in a month, and doesn’t stop even after a diet change, one must seek medical help and undergo a cancer test.

Difficulty In Eating

Loss of appetite coupled with the difficulty in eating is an accompanying symptom that could continue even after the bloating one experiences reduces.

As an early symptom of ovarian cancer, such a commonly observed lack of appetite occurs due to the cancerous mass occupying a large portion of one’s abdomen. The difficulty in eating one faces also calls for a feeling of stomach fullness almost all the time.

When this comes across as a sign indicating towards ovarian cancer, the individual might also feel a tendency of nausea and vomiting within a few days of this initial symptom. So, in case the lack of appetite continues for more than a month, it’s a must that you consult the doctor.

Increase In The Frequency Of Urination

It’s not uncommon to find an increase in the tendency to urinate in case of changes in weather, altitude or with higher intake of liquids. However, such instances are temporary and need not always be taken seriously.

If there is an increase in urination, as an early sign of ovarian cancer, it is more specific in nature that the one that occurs due to environmental changes.

One could experience the feeling of acute pain or pressure in their bladder every time they have an urge to urinate. This is mainly caused by the mass that exerts pressure on the bladder. The urgency felt is more and one might find it really hard to hold that urge for long. These changes in bladder function are not necessarily associated with ageing or urinary tract infections. If the problems last longer and become more frequent, it is imperative to seek medical attention.

Back Pain

Extreme pain in the back that lasts for long is yet another crucial early symptom of ovarian cancer. Like most other signs, this one too is often dismissed as being a result of muscle pull or contraction.

However, once again, the back pain as a result of ovarian cancer is very specific. It originates from the back and gradually concentrates on the pelvic region. The pain is such that the patient feels as if something really heavy has been placed in and around the body part surrounding the abdomen and the back.

When the pain starts getting frequent and does not go away even after massaging or relaxation, one must consult with a gynecologist and get an ovarian cancer examination.

Unexplained Fatigue

Fatigue is usually the most ignored symptoms because it is instantly assumed to be resulting from tiredness. However, the fatigue that one feels like a sign of ovarian cancer often occurs without any underlying reason such as excessive physical activity or the effect of some illness. Another aspect is that the fatigue persists and reoccurs even after enough rest. When this takes place, it is certainly a symptom of ovarian cancer and should not be ignored.

The above symptoms are often early seen and can occur individually or in conjunction with other symptoms. In case they occur, it’s best to consult with a doctor and undergo the necessary procedures.

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