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6 tips to stay healthy this monsoon

From times immemorial monsoon has been a time of poetic imagination and joy. It is has been considered the harbinger of life when the ecosystem all around is at its resplendent best. It is the interminable play of light and shade, when the clouds and the sun indulge in hide and seek. Monsoon rains add freshness to the greenery, nourishing life to emerge in full glory.

It is also the time, when you need to care for your health as vulnerability to infections increases manifold. It is also the time; your health concerns compel you to weigh the necessity of a health insurance plan to tide over medical emergencies. Adequate insurance coverage is a protection that can rescue you from financial ruin in times of unforeseen health crisis that needs hospitalization.

Types of health insurance plans

All plans in this category are designed to provide financial support in times of medical emergencies which needs in-patient hospital care. The different types of plans depend on the type and extent of insurance coverage.

  • Personal Accident Insurance: It is an individual safety shield from major accidents which may lead to temporary or permanent incapacitation or even death.
  • Mediclaim: It is a basic comprehensive health insurance plan that covers hospitalization expenses to the extent of the predefined sum insured. Even family members may be added into this plan.
  • Family Floater Plan: It is a plan where for a single premium the entire family is covered to the extent of the sum insured individually within the confines of a single consolidated plan.
  • Senior Citizen Plan: It is specially designed for the health concerns of elderly citizens. The needs being different, the premium for such a plan is higher than others.
  • Critical Illness Plans: It is ideal for individuals who may be susceptible to suffer from diseases like cancer, stroke or heart failure where the financial outgo is higher.
  • Disease-Specific Plan: Very similar to the critical illness plan, the benefit comes into force right from diagnosis of the disease.
  • Daily Cash benefit Plan: it is designed to provide a daily cash spend limit as per the terms of the plan during the stay in hospital.
  • Top-up Plan: The coverage in any health insurance plan is to the extent of the sum insured or the defined sub-limits. Top-up and Super Top-up plans come into play when the sum insured is exhausted.  

What are the benefits of health insurance?

Health insurance plans are designed to safeguard your finances against high medical bills and help you access the best medical care in times of need. Apart from the intent of the plan, it provides for some specific benefits which you reap in the course of health insurance coverage enjoyed by you.

  • Insurance Coverage: The medical expenses in case of hospitalization are covered along with other features as pre and post hospitalization expenses. You can also opt for cashless hospitalization.
  • Cover for critical illness: It can be availed of as a stand-alone plan or as a rider in the usual health insurance plan.
  • Tax breaks: Several tax deductions are allowed for the premium paid up to defined limits under Section 80D of the IT act, 1961.

What are the standard exclusions in a health insurance plan?

When you buy a plan for health cover, reading the policy terms is important. While stress is laid on inclusions, it is also sensible to go through the exclusions. The normal exclusions in vogue are:

  • Maternity Expenses: Until and unless specified as an add-on.
  • Cosmetic Procedures: Any surgery or procedure that is considered cosmetic in nature.
  • Dental: Dentistry is not within the purview of health insurance.
  • Eye: Cost of spectacles and lenses.
  • Pre-existing Diseases: Some are included only after the waiting period is over.
  • Self Injuries: Injuries which in the nature of self-inflicted.
  • Non-medical expenses: Cost of items that is not part of medicare.
  • Permanent Exclusions: Acts of war, nuclear explosions etc


6 tips to stay healthy this monsoon

The onset of monsoon symbolizes the arrival of runny nose, stomach upsets, fever, joint ache and aggravation of chronic conditions such as asthma. Some simple tips to keep the pathogens at bay are not out of place in the midst of celebrations ushered in by the rains.

  1. Frequent Hand wash: It is a sure way to keep the contaminants away to prevent infections. Even the handkerchief you use could be another source of infection.
  2. Drink Pure Water: This is one of the major means to avoid waterborne infection as water contamination is rampant during the monsoons.
  3. Avoid Street Food: Exposed unhygienic food on the streets is a fertile breeding ground of pathogens affecting digestive health. Diarrhea is very common in monsoon because of uncontrolled ingestion of street food.
  4. Keep your apparel dry: In the monsoons it is difficult to keep your clothes, undergarments and the shoes you wear dry. The dampness not only acts as the breeding ground of bacteria and viruses, but also different strains of fungi. It is not uncommon to suffer from skin infections and rashes in monsoon. The solution is to keep the apparel clean and dry.
  5. Remove Stagnant Water: Vectors like mosquitoes which cause malaria and dengue breed in pools of stagnant water.
  6. Embrace Herbal Ingredients: A sure way to stay healthy in monsoon is to rely on herbal home ingredients such as green tea, basil, ginger and garlic to rejuvenate the immune system and stay healthy.


Staying healthy is monsoon is a matter of choice by indulging in some simple home truths and following the age-old tenets of the Indian household. The celebration of monsoon is enhanced because at the back of your mind you are aware that you and your loved ones are protected by adequate insurance coverage through the ideal health insurance plan.


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