Saturday, May 8, 2021

4 Methods to Purify your Water

Water – it is the essence of life. The facts say humans cannot survive for a long time without water. We are sure you all...
Muscle body building

6 Muscle Building Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Sometimes people fail in their efforts to succeed in fitness. If you have been disappointed too many times, then it is time to focus...
Aadhar Card

Aadhaar card mandatory to avail government benefits for TB patients

Union health ministry has asked the tuberculosis patients to get their Aadhaar card by August 31 to avail various profits from the government.
A Complete Guide for Best Health Insurance Plans in India

List of top 15, most popular & best health insurance plans in India

Health emergencies aren't notified beforehand. With sedentary lifestyles, increasing numbers of people in India become prone to lifestyle diseases. And the medical treatment has now...

Radiation from CT scans may increase risk of brain cancer

CT scans, which are generally used for the purpose of medical imaging, may lead to increase in the risk of developing brain tumors, claims...

11 hour power blackout kills 3 babies in Bhopal hospital

3 babies have allegedly died in a Bhopal Hospital after night-long power failure in the district hospital. The hospital generator wasn't used for unknown reasons.

Breast cancer raises heart disease risk

New York, June 19 (IANS) Researchers have found that postmenopausal women with breast cancer are at greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease. "Heart disease appears more...
A Guide to Best Health Insurance Companies in India

List of top 10 most popular, best Health Insurance Companies in India

A list of top health insurance companies in India is published each year which helps to make the right insurance decision. The insurance providers,...

Along With Positivity, Durga Puja Brings In Significant Health Benefits Too

Dipped in the hues of cheerfulness, joy and revelry — Durga Puja is the festival to worship Durga, the goddess of divine forces, positive...

Face Depression, Don’t Hide from It

In today’s time with our very busy life, stress has become a constant aspect. Not just for work, stress can be related to anything,...