List of best, top 10 benefits of black seed oil

Black seed oil is an oil extracted from the seeds of black cumin, a plant native to southwest Asia. Amber oil, also known as black cumin seed oil, nigella sativa oil or kalonji oil, is used for cooking and is said to provide a range of health benefits.

Benefits of Black Seed Oil

In the Old Testament, black seed oil is also a long history of many uses, as “therapeutic methods for all diseases other than death”. Nigella Seeds are traditional Middle Eastern spices used in pastries, dairy products, salads and other foods. Over the course of thousands of years, this oil has been lubricated with various types of diseases such as leprosy, lasers, skulls, spoils, snake rubbers, headaches, and various diseases such as leprosy.

Reduce scars

To prevent scarring caused by minor cuts, Cates recommends topical application of black seed oil after the cut begins to heal. “When you have an open wound, this is not something you will wear, but once it starts to heal, make sure it heals properly,” she said.

Relieve allergies

In a study of 152 people with various allergies, black seed oil relieved respiratory symptoms and eczema. The effective dose range is 18-36 mg per pound of body weight per day.

Enhance weight loss

A study of 90 obese women found that adding black seed oil to a low-calorie diet produced more weight loss than a diet alone. According to a study of 250 people, black seed oil is mixed with turbot and turbidity, and weight reduces the risk factors for diabetes.

Relieve breast pain

According to a study of 52 women, topical use of black seed oil can alleviate circulating breast pain, which may be a symptom of PMS – breast pain. The oil applied to the painful area twice a day is as effective as diclofenac, an anti-inflammatory drug.

Reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis

In a study of 40 women with rheumatoid arthritis, 500 mg of black seed oil was taken twice daily to reduce swollen joints and morning stiffness. The disease is an autoimmune reaction that helps regulate the immune system.

Relieve indigestion and heartburn

Black seed oil can alleviate indigestion, a symptom that includes indigestion and/or heartburn. A study of 70 people with this disease found that 5 ml of oil a day can alleviate and reduce the infection of H. pylori, a bacterium that causes ulcers.

Improve memory

A study of 20 healthy volunteers found that taking black seed oil daily can improve memory and concentration. The dose is 500 mg twice daily. The researchers concluded that their potential to prevent or slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease should be studied.

Improve male fertility

Black seed oil is a traditional treatment for male infertility and has been found to be effective. In a group of 64 men with fertility problems, this oil significantly improved sperm count and other fertility indicators.

Reduce cholesterol

In a study of 88 adults, black seed oil lowered cholesterol levels above 200 mg / dl, total cholesterol decreased by 4.78%, LDL (“bad”) cholesterol decreased by 7.6%, and triglycerides decreased by 16.65%. The dose is 2 grams per day.


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