Covid-19 : India registered highest global daily increase in infection count ever

You’ll be shocked to learn that on Sunday, India became the first country in the world to cross the 80,000 infections mark after the country recorded 80,092 cases. August 30 was indeed the worst day in terms of the number of COVID-19 infections for the country. What’s more worrisome is that not only the total number of COVID-19 infections increased but also the total number of fatalities due to the infection also became double. Usually, it is seen that the number of cases reported on weekends are lower than those reported on weekdays. However, India’s new COVID-19 infections record tells otherwise. 

Other than the 80,092 cases reported on this Sunday, the last time the highest cases were recorded on Sunday was on August 9 with 63,851 active infections. But the rise of infections isn’t really what’s worrying the doctors. What’s worrying them is the fact that both fresh cases and fatalities have nearly doubled in the last week of August. Furthermore, the previous week, the COVID-19 infection growth rate was 4.7%. However, this week the country has recorded more than 76,000 COVID-19 infections daily, taking its growth rate to 13.1%. In the first week of August, this growth rate was 10.9% that plummeted to 5.9% in the following week.

Also, India has been recording more than 1,000 Deaths due to COVID-19 infections every day for the last four days. Last week, the growth in fatalities was only 1.7%. However, this week the fatality rate grew to almost 3.9% per week. The major states responsible for this 80,000 peak in coronavirus infections was Maharashtra that recorded nearly 16,508 cases in one day, UP recorded 6,000 cases in a day, Rajasthan recorded 1,450 cases, Madhya Pradesh recorded 1,558 cases, Chhatisgarh recorded 1,471 cases, and Jammu & Kashmir recorded 786 cases.

According to the fatality numbers provided by the state governments, after recording 970 deaths due to yo COVID-19 on Sunday, India’s total deaths reached a tally of 64,550. Maharashtra recorded 296 deaths on Sunday which took its tally to 24,399 and earned it the title of the worst-affected state. As of today, the total cases in India have crossed the 36 lakh mark and the total number of patients recovered has reached 27,67,412. Also, the total number of active COVID-19 cases in the country currently stands at 8 lakhs.


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