Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

While there is overt onset of Omicron which is threatening lives on global scale, there is another covert entity by the name “Flurona” that has begun to trouble humanity.

What is Flurona: another variant, disease or a mere coincidence?

A person is said to be infested by Flurona in case he/she is suffering simultaneously from Covid-19 as well as influenza virus. This condition, to add to another miracle of Nature and human body, is deemed to be possible just like the very confluence of Delta and Omicron strains together into Delmicron.

As per the available data, Flurona can hit with a whole range of symptoms like pneumonia, myocarditis or any other respiratory disease, which if left untended or medically treated, can pose a risk of death.

The first such instance got uncovered in Israel where a woman entered a medical centre in order to give birth, with mild symptoms and no prior Covid vaccination but if we are to believe the experts, the cases are bound to rise.

Apart from Israel, certain cases of ‘Flurona’ have been detected in Spain, Peru, United States and Brazil.

Who is more likely to get Flurona?

In addition to the Immuno-compromised people (with lower immunity than expected) who are likely to fall prey to these infections, young children can develop this condition as well because their immune systems remain under-developed and unfamiliar with many common viruses.

“Hands down, the No. 1 predisposition for having more than one virus at the same time is your age, and it’s really children under 5. They all have virus running rampant and swap them like trading cards”, an expert explains.

As per research done by the University of Wisconsin, 19% of people stricken with Covid may simultaneously test positive for another pathogen: virus, bacteria or fungi, called “co-infection”.

Also, 24% of people who suffered with Covid may afterwards test positive for another different pathogen, called “super-infection”.

“Poor outcomes, including increased mortality” are probable outcomes of this super position of illnesses.

Although this is not the very first time of “co-existence” of flu and Covid, coming under the scanner of Medical practitioners and dates back to the early 2020 but what makes it special.

The answer is here: “There are certain pathogens that don’t like to dance with anyone, and influenza is one of them i.e., when the body gets infected (with the flu virus), it really starts flooding the whole system with a lot of immune components that prevent viral infection”.

This may just be a possible case in the medical world but with the new emerging twist in the pandemic hit world, it is easily understandable how the fear of getting the flu and covid may cause greater anxiety in people.

This whole functioning of flu virus makes it difficult for any other pathogen to enter the individual’s body and cause illness.

How can our worries for ‘Flurona’ make things better?

And as the colder conditions prevail along with infections and human susceptibility, precautionary measures like vaccination, staying indoors and covering faces with masks will continue to be crucial.

“Influenza vaccination is the best preventive measure against getting infected and preventing some of the serious influenza associated complications”.

Also it is to note that this common flu vaccine is readily available for children above 6 months.

However, certain researchers have claimed that getting administered with vaccines of both the seasonal flu and Covid-19, can help reduce the number of people getting hospitalized.

A Physician explains: “I expect to see plenty of co-infections (of flu and COVID-19) going forward, but I don’t see anything that suggests it makes COVID infections worse. Those are two viral pathogens that we actually have medicines for.”

By Alaina Ali Beg

I am a lover of all arts and therefore can dream myself in all places where the World takes me. I am an avid animal lover and firmly believes that Nature is the true sorcerer.

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