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World Cancer Day serves as a global initiative to raise awareness, inspire action, and unite people in the fight against cancer. The day is dedicated to highlighting the collective effort needed to reduce the global burden of cancer, fostering a deeper understanding of the disease, and promoting preventive measures, and support for those affected.

Over the years, specific programs and events for counselling cancer patients have evolved. Check out the full article to ascertain some of the prominent organisations that provide comprehensive psychosocial support for cancer patients in India.

India’s Top Cancer Counselling Champions

Here are some notable organisations in India that have illuminated paths to hope and healing for cancer patients in India.

1. Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA)

Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA)
Image Source: SAGE Foundation

The Mumbai-based non-profit organisation is committed to providing support and assistance to individuals affected by cancer. Its comprehensive approach addresses the physical, emotional, and financial challenges that cancer patients and their families often face.

Moreover, the organization plays a crucial role in raising awareness about cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment options through educational initiatives and outreach programs.

2. CanSupport

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CanSupport focuses on enhancing the quality of life for cancer patients and their families by addressing not only the physical symptoms of the disease but also the psychosocial and emotional aspects.

The organisation’s services include home-based palliative care, counselling, and support groups, offering a holistic approach to managing the challenges associated with cancer.

3. Indian Cancer Society (ICS)

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ICS is actively involved in cancer prevention and early detection initiatives, conducting awareness campaigns, seminars, and workshops to educate the public about risk factors, symptoms, and preventive measures. The organization collaborates with healthcare professionals to disseminate accurate information and foster a better understanding of cancer-related issues.

4. Cancer Aid Society

Cancer Aid Society
Image Source: ProjectHeena

The society is actively involved in providing support to cancer patients, offering counselling services, and facilitating access to treatment resources. Moreover, financial assistance and aid programs are also a part of their efforts to alleviate the burden of cancer care on patients and their families.

5. Friends of Max (FoM)

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The primary objective of Friends of Max is to create a sense of community among those affected by a rare form of cancer known as GIST (Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor). The organisation offers emotional support, information, and a platform for individuals to share their experiences.

The group actively participates in educational programs, workshops, and events to disseminate accurate information about GIST, contributing to a broader understanding of this rare cancer type.

6. Shanti Avedna Cancer Hospice, New Delhi

Shanti Avedna Cancer Hospice
Image Source: Medical Dialogues

Established to offer comfort, dignity, and holistic care, Shanti Avedna focuses on enhancing the quality of life for patients and their families during the challenging phase of terminal illness.

The hospice’s approach emphasizes personalized attention, allowing patients to spend their final days in a peaceful and supportive atmosphere. This not only aids in managing the physical aspects of their illness but also offers emotional solace to both patients and their families.

7. Cancer Healer Centre, New Delhi

Cancer Healer Centre
Image Source: India Business Directory

The centre focuses on combining conventional medical treatments with complementary therapies, aiming to address the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a patient’s cancer journey. Beyond conventional treatments, the Cancer Healer Centre incorporates complementary therapies such as immunotherapy, nutrition counselling, and mind-body practices to enhance overall well-being.

It is essential to tailor psychosocial support to the individual needs of each patient, recognizing that a personalized and holistic approach is most effective. Additionally, collaboration between healthcare professionals, psychologists, social workers, and community organizations provides comprehensive psychosocial support for cancer patients.


By Ocean Rana

Research Scholar/ Content Writer; Assistant Professor at SAGE University, Indore

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