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Apple working on their own search engine: What to expect?

Apple and Google

Apple is developing its own Search Engine: True or Fase?

Now as most of us know that Apple likes to keep their lips closed about anything they might release. So where is this information coming from? This information has been derived from two different things. One is a senior consultant at Forbes talking about the time being right for Apple to acquire DuckDuckGo so as to not rely on Google or Bing. And recent posting by Apple for experts in Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning and Search Engineers as them working on developing a new search engine.


If you know Apple, they love a walled garden. Now that walled garden is probably the primary reason the experience of using an Apple device is so good. They integrate the hardware with their amazing software which is based on their core principle. Making things simple for its customers. If you have ever used an Apple device you will understand what that denotes, the majority of the market wants a device they buy to just work reliably.

Over the years even companies like IBM shifted most of the equipment to a Mac, because even though the initial cost is high. The accumulated cost is much lower than a windows machine including more people being able to figure things out easily rather than having to call the IT department frequently.

With the ease of usage, reliability, more number of years of software updates on their devices, and the most hand-selected experience possible lead Apple to have the highest brand loyalty of any company. Their entire model is based on user experience which is why although over the years there have been many rumours now it seems like it is more true now than ever before. Apple is planning on creating their own search engine.

Browser Wars

If you know about the browser wars in the 1990s between Netscape and Microsoft where due to Microsofts anti-competitive behaviour caused the demise of the then massively dominant Netscape. By preloading Internet Explorer a free browser in their Windows computers they effectively killed Netscape.

The reason behind the presumptive change

presumed Apple Search
From Coywolf

Over the past few years, Google has been accused of doing the same thing by paying Apple around 8 Billion$ to keep Google as the default search engine on its Safari Browser. Which is estimated of making Google around 25 Billion $ in ad revenue.

In recent times though Google is accused of being a privacy nightmare and really ad centric. They are planning on making their own search engine with no ads and much better privacy.


Even if Apple does end up building their own search engine which will be ad-free and more private, some might still prefer Google. Which is why they can still use Google as their default search engine.

Is the name iSearch or Apple Search better? Or do you have any other name for it? Write it down in the comments section down below.

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