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Adsense showing automatic payment pending? Here’s how to get the payment

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One of our readers just reached out to me with a strange query today. Contrary to the popular belief that Adsense issues the payments to publishers on 21st of every month and the payment is credited to the account of the customer via wire transfer in 1-3 days, he did not get an email confirmation from Google stating that the payment was issued and even the Adsense account continued to show the balance as it showed before 21st. I have been using Adsense wire transfer to bank account facility ever since it was launched for Indian customers in 2015. Almost every month, I got an email from Adsense on 21st, stating “We’ve sent you a payment”.

Usually, the webmasters get anxious if this is their first payment from Adsense as everyone waits for the first payment quite nervously. I tried digging down into the details and found out a few things, which are mentioned below

I hope this answers your query. Do let me know in the comment section if you also felt the same thing and when was it that you finally got the payment processed and credited to your bank account via EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer).

Update: Seeing a lot of comments coming in, it seems like Google has delayed a lot of payments in November 2018 because of thanksgiving. It’s 25th of November and a number of publishers are still waiting for an update from Google. All the publishers, do not get panicked, you will surely get the pending payment at within the ongoing week. Share your thoughts and feedback in the comments section.

Update: Google has issued an official update stating this to be a technical issue. The engineers at Google are looking into it and we will let you as soon as we have further updates on this.

Update: Google has started to process the payments and one of our readers has just shared the screenshot with us. I hope everyone will get their payment in a day or two. Do keep us posted in comments section.

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