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DesignEvo : How to Design And Work Out An Effective Logo online

Recently, merchants have valued their logos and slogans more than they did in older ages. To play good in marketing, knowing professional logo designing tip is a big advantage. It’s critical for any commercial groups to show an effective logo to the passerbys and customers, be it a small business or a large company.

As it’s well-known that large companys always spend big fortunes on their logos and the designing requires a long period, from months to years. For small business, it’s impossible to take that much efforts or spend that much time.

Don’t have those skills to design it? Or lack ideas for logos? No worry, this article is your solution.

DesignEvo, one of the few dedicated logo makers online, provides a whole package of logo inspirations up to 7000+ altogether with resourceful toolkits to customize any logo. It usually takes 30 seconds to 8 minutes for a design novice to work out and download a logo design.

The best part? It gets you a free download option without requiring anything from you. No registration, no emails, no credit card, no penny paid, HURRAY! Oh, forget to mention, the free option limits the logo size (Max 500*500) and logo format (JPG & PNG).

Easily Design And Work Out An Effective Logo In DesignEvo

In the homepage, it gives an entrance to the logo maker app, where lists the most-reviewed logo templates for choices.

Step One, Enter a descriptive keyword.

In the left top, you will have a blank space to enter your keyword, for example, bear, love, child and many more. The more common the keyword is, the more likely DesignEvo shows you the logo ideas for a next move. If it doesn’t have a template categorized in your keyword, then you will see a sad face with words “Sorry, we couldn’t find any matches”. In such a page, it will suggest you some keyword to go.

Step Two, Choose A Logo Template.

Whether you want a logo in raster or vector, the process to design a logo is the same. After seeing a list of logo ideas, you have to choose one. And it will ask you to input a company name and a slogan for your company. If you are struggling to find a right slogan for business, there are a lot of free tools for it.

Step Three, Customize Your Logo.

In this step, it’s time to show your creativity. DesignEvo presents you the icons, background, fonts, colors, and other fine-tuning ways to make your logo different from the template. Just select and choose, the modifications are finished. It maximally unleash your creativity from lacking designing skills in tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, GIMP…Nobody says the master degree of tools can limit human. That’s one reason we are talking about DesignEvo.

Step Four, Preview And Download Your Logo.

Satisfied with your logo design? Take advantage of the Preview feature pinned on the right top. It will give you some other thoughts of how your logo looks in different scenarios. Just like what we mention above, you can have the logo for free. However, if you want it in a size larger than 500px * 500px, or those files with both raster images and vector images, DesignEvo offers you cost-effective upgrades.

Given that you are using an industry-relative keyword when searching the template, the final logo is effective in profession way.

Final Words

Anybody wants to work out a simple but effective logo, he can run DesignEvo. The results and prices won’t fail anyone. Have a great time of reading our tips!

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