Google is adding chrome browser to Daydream virtual reality platform

Users of Google’s Daydream can now use the Chrome web browser, users are granted the ability to view their web pages in chrome with their VR bubble or through Google Chrome’s usual features. There is also a ‘cinema mode’ which optimizes the web page for VR viewing.

Google has been moving pretty slowly in announcing updates for Daydream, While Facebook has been in heavy news due to its new stand-alone hardware. Daydream user had access to VRchrome and its WebVR components, through test versions of the browser. From this announcement, Chrome is allocated as the full-fledged browser app of Daydream.

Google’s Daydream VR is available on a variety of Android phones across all price points. Though it’s available on Google Pixel, some Samsung Galaxy version models, and other phones, there’s also an option to dump the phone entirely with Lenovo’s Mirage Solo headset.

Daydream’s main selling point is its integration with existing Google products, though Google VR apps can be accessed by a lot of other VR headsets. There aren’t actually many people interested to shift their browsing to virtual reality, but a full featured web-browser is useful for accessing tutorials to learn how to use the VR app, especially in self-contained headsets like Mirage Solo where one cannot switch back to mobile browsing.


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