Google delays charging 30% in-app commission in India to 2022 after widespread criticism

Image Source : The Economic Times

Google has pushed back the 30% in-app commission for developers through Google Play billing system in India till 31st March, 2022. The move has been taken after uproar from entrepreneurs and app developers about the change announced by the search giant recently. The update aimed to make it mandatory for apps available on Google Play to implement the Play billing system and provide the commission to Google for in-app purchases.

The earlier enforcement of in-app commission is still there for global developers and its deadline is 30th September, 2021. Google has offered this additional time to Indian app developers to ensure they have time to implement the UPI for the option of subscription that will be available through Google Play for apps that are at present using an alternate system of payment.

Google has also started to set up ‘listening sessions with leading Indian startups’ to know their concerns. They are also planning Policy Workshops to offer clarity on Play Store policies.

The company said that they consider it necessary to understand the concerns across the ecosystem and the listening sessions will help them to find comprehensive solutions for everyone.

Image Source : PTC News

Google said that around 97% developers with apps on Google Play have compiled with the policy of providing in-app commission by using native billing system. This was meant to emphasise that the enforcement of commission would impact less than 3% developers offering apps on Google Play. A few Indian developers protested against the in-app commission that has been around for some time but is to be implemented as a defaut condition for apps of Google Play providing in-app purchases.

Google recently stated that new apps must use Play billing system by 20th January and the existing apps have been given time till 30th September, 2021. The decision followed lawsuits filed by Fortnite maker Epic Games which accused Google and Apple for anti-competitive behaviour.

Apps like Netflix, Match and Spotify are the ones that don’t use the billing system of Google to avoid paying in-app commission.