Google Meet to start charging customers starting 1st October

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Google to make important changes in Google Meet which will apply from 30th September.

As there was a huge increase in the number of people using video calling services due to the corona crisis, Google made its rules and regulations the same for everyone. Whether you have Gsuite or you don’t you had the comfort of making unlimited meetings for free. But Google has decided to make a change.

The free extension is scheduled to end on September 30, and it looks like Google isn’t going to extend it. Google Meet features will go back to as it was for free users. With the free extension, anyone with a Google account could make unlimited Meet calls. Once the promo is expired Google Meet free calls will be restricted to 60 minutes per meeting.

Google Meet
Image Source:Google

Alongside this Google is also had some features especially for the Gsuite users, One of them is organizing meetings with up to 250 participants, host live streams with up to 100,000 people and save meetings recordings on Google Drive. All these were free until now, but after 30th September, it will be only available for premium users.

If you didn’t notice, Google has also added a meet option on your Gmail. It can be seen on your Android app of Gmail or on the desktop version too. You can turn it off by going into the settings though. There are a lot of features that were available to everyone on Google Meet but soon will be taken away. So if you want to enjoy all the features and you are regular in conducting meetings on Meet, you must consider taking the GSuite. Not only it has benefits on Meet, but all other Google services.


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