Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

As UK has started mass vaccination, Google has launched a new feature on Search which will show authorized locations to people who look for information for Covid-19 vaccines. Google Search will show a list of authorized vaccines in their location and information panels on each individual vaccine.

Google recently said in a statement that as other health authorities started authorizing vaccines, they will introduced this new feature in more countries. British regulators have approved the Pfizer vaccine on 2nd December and the country has received 800,000 doses which is enough for vaccinating 400,000 people. The first shots have been given to people around 80 years of age, who are either hospitalized or have outpatient appointments scheduled with nursing home workers and vaccination staff.

Google begins showing authorised Covid-19 vaccine locations on Search | Business Standard News
Image Source : Business Standard

Google also added that launched in the month of March, Covid-19 information panels on YouTube have been viewed 400 billion times which makes them an important source of authoritative information. The panels have been featured on YouTube homepage and on videos and search results regarding the pandemic. Google said that updates to the panels will directly connect people to vaccine information from local and global health authorities.

Because YouTube creators are a trusted voice within their communities, Google is also supporting creators by connecting them with leading health experts to make helpful and engaging content for their audiences about Covid-19 and vaccines. The company announced an additional $15 million in Ad Grants to World Health Organization (WHO) for assisting their global campaign.

Google added that since the beginning of the pandemic, it has provided $250 million in Ad Grants for helping more than 100 government agencies around the world to run critical public service announcements about Covid-19. In April 2020, the tech giant offered $6.5 million for supporting Covid-19 related fact-checking initiatives, that have provided training or resources to around 10,000 reporters around the world. Now, Google News Initiative (GNI) is offering an additional $1.5 million to fund the creation of Covid-19 Vaccine Media Hub and support new fact-checking research.