Google’s New Extension Helps Users Know If Their Passwords Have Been Compromised

Google Security
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Google just launched a new Chrome browser extension that is designed to help users protect their online account from intruders. Since the extension does not come pre-built into the browser, users will need to install it.

The password checkup extension is triggered every time a user will log into their account and after entering the info, the extension looks up a database of more than 4 billion credentials that have been known to have been part of a data breach or leak. If the data matches, the extension displays a warning sign asking users to change your details immediately.

Google Security Extension

The extension is similar to security researcher Troy Hunt’s Have I Been Pwned? service–which lets users enter their email account and password and cross checks it for a potential leak. Nevertheless, unlike HaveIBeenPwned, the password checkup from Google is an extension for the browser.

Google says that the extension is designed to never reveal user credentials to the company and in order to prevent malicious actors from hijacking its functionality to gain access to user’s information.

On 5 February, Google celebrated the Safer Internet Day by highlighting a few key guidelines that users can follow to ensure their safety and privacy while browsing the internet. In this digital age, we often come to hear about data breach and privacy compromisation from major digital conglomerates like Facebook and Instagram. In order to prevent private data, users will have to take it upon themselves to ensure their safety. Through the #SecurityCheckKiya campaign, Google is listing simple steps that users can follow to make their internet more secure.

Google has also recently removed more than 29 apps from its Play Store. The apps were reported to contain malware content and were disguised as photo editing app.

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