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Are keywords still important in domain name?

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There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to choosing a domain name. However, a website owner focuses more on the ones that help them in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google is well known for upgrading its algorithm and making people wonder how to approach when it comes to choosing a domain.

The debate seems to be never-ending and always surfaces whenever someone plans about creating a website. In all essence, you are required to be certain that the domain name you are selecting consists of no negative connotation.

Whether keywords hold some significance or not, Google always tweaks its algorithm in order to make it easy for a user to help them in finding what they’re looking for. Much as it is important to select keywords wisely, it is equally crucial to choose a domain name as well.

Domain Keyword Ranking – Correlation

Back in time, search engines used to rely on websites that were stuffed with keywords. The algorithm in the past was purely based on the queries brought by the users. Regardless of the complexity these algorithms hold, the relevance of a site was entirely based on the keyword logic.

A keyword would match with words in the domain and show as a result whenever a user searches with a similar keyword in the search engine. That determines everything from web content to the product/service that a website would promote.

Several factors combined together would bring a site in the higher ranking. It includes inbound links concerning other sites and the loading speed of the page. All in all, domain name without a doubt was a detriment.

Since algorithm was designed such as way, many a time when a user would reach out to the link, they find nothing but a page with a dubious origin. Digital marketers and website owners made good use of this logic and started optimizing their pages for the SEO performance.

It was a bizarre trend but the domain name started getting longer. With that being said, many of them were cramming with all the major keywords within the niche. The majority of the websites started buying inbound links in order to fill their content with the keywords.

It was quite difficult for a user to find a relevance information whenever they would reach out to an uncertain link. This endeavor not just affected the user experience but also made Google, to upgrade its algorithm in order to sustain the relevance in the information.

Google then began mapping out enlisted factors that are responsible to bring a website in the higher ranking. Choosing a domain stacked up with keywords hasn’t shown any relevance, but it was an effective strategy to bring a user to a website.

However, now Google has become more content specific. Your website page is required to have a quality content in order to have a good ranking in Google. In simple words, the domain name of your website has less of a relevance now, but the content it has.

Only Brand or Keyword Domain Name

Ever since Google upgraded its algorithm, domain names started becoming shorter and keywords were dropped. Now, that doesn’t mean that domain name lost all relevance when it comes to your online business.

It is wise to choose a domain name that is easy to memorize and depicts your niche in a shorter phrase possible. There are a number of domain registrars in the online market that provide you the most relevant domain name of your choice.

Care to check out this link if you are looking for a domain name with utmost security and relevance There are several domain name suggestion tools available in the market these days. You can choose any one of them to find a prominent domain for your startup.

Most of the website owners these days prefer to use their brand name and choose not to embed more than two keywords in the domain. It was a necessary step that Google proceeded with in order to eradicate the massive spamming going on back in days.

Simply by looking at the domain name of a website you can predict, whether or not the page you have visited is spammy. Google started penalizing these websites as a spammy. Bigger the domain name, most irrelevant will be the content.

Thus, it is required for a website owner to focus more on the informative content than to sell bogus spammy information that does not make any sense. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a misleading SEO based on the old strategies may bring a negative impact on your website.

Domain Name Keywords Must Not Be Neglected

If you figure out a way to choose a domain name that fits well with your keywords, it can be advantageous for you. This advantage works as long as you are keeping your domain name short and less spammy.

Keeping this in mind, you can also take help of the inbound links to boost the SEO of your website. An SEO done on a domain name that makes perfect sense of your niche brings more credibility and enhanced consumer base.

Your content is required to be as authentic and unique as it can be. Make sure you are leaving an impression on the consumer that you have the solution for their query. Before selecting a domain name, make sure you are going to settle with it forever.

It is okay to change your domain name later on down the line. However, you certainly don’t want to embark on a fresh marketing campaign just to keep your SEO up a notch. Keep your domain name simple and make sure it is brandable as well.


keywords still hold a great significance in a domain name. However, the marketing strategies along with the search engine algorithms have changed. While Google has now become more content specific, a website owner must know that they are keeping their domain names short and must not embed more than two words.

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