In Conversation with Behram Siganporia

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Kunwar Prithvi Singh Chauhan
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There is nothing bigger than doing something what you truly love, because few years down the line, no one wants to regret for the decisions taken while going through the most critical phase of life.

Starting the interview series for Bangalore (India City Blog), we have with us, Behram Siganporia. A guy who gave up on a childhood dream of becoming pilot so that he could convert his hobby into profession and 3 years later, Behram and his team are reaching new heights with One Nite Stand (Their Band).


A quick convo with Behram.

Let’s start by knowing you. Would you mind telling a bit about yourself and your family?
I come from a very closely knit Parsi family. I was born and raised in Mumbai. I am very close to my family and they are always a priority for me.

How did you start with singing?
I started singing in high school. I first started playing the guitar and then played on my school band and sang for the school choir.


There is always a struggle when you try to make a name out there in public, a little on that struggle?
I don’t think there was ever a plan to “make a name”. Music was always a hobby and the passion just grew stronger. It’s good that the band is being recognized for the effort we have put in over the last 2-3 years.

Some of those awesome moments while the journey to reach here.
Every show is special to us and just the love and support we have received from our family and friends has made it a very enjoyable journey.

As you wanted to do something out of the box, how did you family react and how do they react now seeing you doing good.
I studied very hard to become a Pilot. As a little boy, I always wanted to fly. Hence, when I decided to give up my childhood dream to pursue the Rock n Roll dream, my family was uncertain about the move but after we got signed by Universal Music Group, they have been supportive. I have always been given the freedom to make my decisions.

So your band has recently celebrated 3rd anniversary, 3 years of bonding with the team. How does it feel? A quick recap on howBehram-siganporia-1 you people met, started and became famous?
We came together to perform at a friend’s Wedding. The show was supposed to be a “one-off” and it was a gift for our friend. That’s how it all started. The band is now like a family. We share a chemistry like no other and we enjoy being around each other. This is just the start of a long journey for us and we are enjoying it so far.

The name One Nite Stand? How did this come up?
As mentioned earlier, we came together to perform for “just one night”. Since it was the night before our friend’s Wedding and since we thought we would do just one show, we called ourselves One Night Stand”. The show was a success and we decided to do more gigs. One thing led to another and here we are now. Due to copyright reasons, two years ago, we changed the spelling of our name to One Nite Stand.


There is always a risk involved when you want to do something different. How did you handle all that pressure, becoming one of the most famous bands in India?

There was never a thought of becoming famous. We wanted to do this as a hobby. We realized the opportunities to make a living a out of Rock n Roll and we decided to give it our best shot and see if we can do it for a few years. There was no pressure and we just went with the flow. We are fortunate to survive three years but we are also very passionate about taking this to the next level.

Being successful at this age, what do you plan for the near future?
We plan to release our first album and take it from there.

Times of India recently included you in Most Desirable Men. Wow, now that’s an honor. Any special comments on that?
I think some people consider a Pilot in a uniform as something sexy and some people believe playing the guitar and singing is sexy. So I’m probably on the list due to my professions more than anything else.


You have been into this city for quite a while now, what do you wanna say about the city and people? How have those helped you reaching where you are today?
I did my high school here and came back here 5 years ago. My closest friends are in Bangalore and I personally Love the city. There are too many people who have been kind to me, cared for me and supported my personal and career driven decisions. Bangalore is home.

A message to the people who are trying to be like you
I don’t think anyone should try to be like me. I am just another guy trying to make a living by doing something which is not mainstream. The only message I have is, follow your dreams and pursue your passion. Do something that you believe in because 20 years down the line, you shouldn’t look back and regret not following your dreams. Most importantly, do whatever makes you happy because then you will do it well.


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