78% of Apple devices released in last 4 years now running iOS 12

iOS 12 Homescreen

Apple has covered 78% of its iPhones released in last 4 years with its latest iOS 12. According to Apple’s support site, more than 75% of iPhone and iPad models released in the last 4 years have now been upgraded to iOS 12. This is a significant¬†number compared to Google’s Android distribution of Android Pie since Google is yet to release the distribution chart.

Apple has a monopoly on its devices which allows the company to roll out updates quickly, whereas Google has to configure its Android Pie for various devices considering there are a myriad of smartphones running on Android. This allows Apple to lead on software support while Google lags behind. Apple is seen using a Pie chart on multiple occasions to demonstrate their data in order to mock the slower updates from Google.

The pie chart signifying the installation base shows that 75% of all the Apple devices are running on iOS 12. Around 17% of iPhones are still running iOS 11 while 8 percent are running the previous version. When filtered to devices released in the last 4 years by Apple, the chart hikes up to 78%, while 17% are running on iOS 11 and only 5% are running on the previous version. These numbers are as of 1 January calculated by the App store.

Google last updated Android Pie install base in October last year and is expected to release new numbers later this month. Since October a number of older Android phones have received Android Pie so it would be interesting to see how Google fairs against the installed base of iOS 12.


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