A major bug in iOS 14 resets default apps after every reboot

From Wikipedia

iOS 14 is resetting to default apps after every reboot.

It has been only two days since the launch and announcement of iOS 14. And a major bug has already been found. There is a feature in iOS 14 where users can choose their default mail and surfing apps. However it turns out each reboot will wipe those preferences and restore the Apple apps as default.

So whenever you restart your phone or your battery dies, all your selected settings will be set to default after it. Maybe failed edge case testing would have caused it. Apple has made sure that this will be resolved as soon as the next build of iOS 14 comes through but, for the time being, you’re stuck with having to reassign your defaults each time after a reboot.

Along with the iOS 14, a bunch of software and newer generation products were released by Apple in its event ‘Time Flies’.


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