Apple Maps get turn-by-turn navigation feature

Apple Maps

Apple is introducing the turn-by-turn navigation feature on its devices for consumers in India. This feature will allow users to use voice navigation feature on Apple Maps on iOS and MacOS devices. This feature will also be available on cars via CarPlay.

Apple has been lacking in features when it comes to navigation features. Apple Maps, due to lack of sufficient data, has never been able to provide a proper navigation system on their maps. Even after a number of updates all these years, Apple Maps has not been the preferred navigation feature for consumers in India.

Apple has finally introduced the turn-by-turn navigation feature on its devices. This feature will allow users to navigate the area they want to go via Apple Maps. The navigation feature will also provide information about rides from cab services like Ola and Uber. Clicking on the cab option will open the respective app and users can book a cab to reach the destination.

Transportation options, however, are still missing, which means users cannot find out informations about how to reach a place via a bus or a train. Other missing features include flyover support and 3D map of the area.

Apple is still a long way to go when it comes to competing with Google Maps. Google provides all the necessary information regarding the searched area and has enough data to guide the user to their destination.

Apple confirmed this new feature through a short statement to VentureBeat.

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