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How to download and use file manager on iPhone

For many users, one of the main reasons for jailbreaking was to download a file manager called iFile. Now that jailbreaking isn’t an option for some users, we have found another way to get similar features without having to jailbreak, and it’s an app called Filza File manager.

What is Filza?

Filza is a file explorer app and, while it was originally designed for use on jailbroken devices, now anyone can use it. It offers a ton of features that you won’t find in any of the file managers in the app store, and that’s because these are features that Apple doesn’t want you to have.

Three of the main reasons why this is such a good file manager are:

  • Tweaks and mods – with Filza you can customize quite a bit of the user interface including fonts colors, icons, etc., without needing any tweaks to do it.
  • Downgrade Apps – if you have updated an app to a newer version and it doesn’t work too well on your device or, as the recent Snapchat update, is a complete disaster, Filza helps you to downgrade that app back to an older version that did work properly and didn’t take all your device resources
  • Tweaks Installation – and Filza also lets you easily install Debian packages, or tweaks, in a similar way to Cydia. This feature is not working on iOS 12 just yet, but an update in the future could put that right.

How to Download Filza File Manager:

Filza can be downloaded onto your device in three ways; all you need to do is choose which one you want and follow the steps:

Method 1: IPA File

This is becoming one of the most popular ways if installing unofficial IPA files onto iOS devices. IT requires Cydia Impactor, your computer and Apple ID

  • Download Cydia Impactor
  • Download Filza IPA file – save it to your desktop

When you have both of these on your computer:

  1. Plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer and open Cydia Impactor
  2. When your device has been detected drag and drop the IPA file into Cydia Impactor
  3. You will be asked for your Apple ID and password, type them in
  4. If an Expired Certificate warning message pops up, tap OK
  5. Cydia Impactor will sign the file and load it onto your device
  6. When Filza appears on your home screen, it’s done

Before you use it:

Before you can use Filza file manager you need to trust the developer:

  1. Open Settings > General
  2. Go to Profiles and Device Management
  3. Find the profile – it will either be your Apple ID or Filza – and tap it
  4. Tap on Trust
  5. Filza is ready for use

Method 2: Jailbreak Method

For this one, your device must already be jailbroken using Electra, Chimera or one of the other recent utilities. The only requirement here is that the jailbreak must have Cydia or Sileo included – RootlessJB does not have a dedicated package manager, and this won’t work:

  1. Launch Cydia or Sileo on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Tap on Sources > Edit Add
  3. You need to add the developer repository so type into the box and tap Add
  4. When the source has been added, open it and search for Filza
  5. Install it as you would any other tweak
  6. You will see Filza on your home screen when the installation is finished

Method 3: Using TutuApp

This is another very popular way of installing Filza, not least because TutuApp, being a third-party app store, also contains thousands of other cool modified apps and games, all for free:

  1. Download Tutu App APK onto your device
  2. Open it and search for Filza
  3. Tap it, tap Get > Install and wait
  4. When it’s done, the icon is on your home screen.

App Features:

Filza file manager app offers users loads of features that Apple will never let you have:

View these file types on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Web Archive
  • Text
  • Sound
  • PDF
  • Movies
  • Microsoft Files
  • Images
  • HTML
  • HTML
  • Compressed formats
  • Apple iWork

Manage your multimedia and software files in these ways:

  • Move them
  • Rename them
  • Copy and paste
  • Edit configuration file and other text/property lists
  • Manage compressed file formats
  • Install Debian files
  • Put files into your iPod library

And files can be moved to and from your device like this:

  • Using Dropbox and FTP file transfers
  • With the web server built-in using a browser or a network drive to download and upload files
  • View and download using a Toshiba Flashair card
  • Send files as email attachments
  • Using Bluetooth to send to another device with Filza installed
  • Easily mount .dmg files

And Filza is also fully integrated with Safari Download Manager, Celest Bluetooth File Sharing and AttachmentSaver.

Filza is one of the most powerful file manager apps you will ever download, with features not found in any official app store app. Don’t miss out on these features, download Filza today and enjoy free access to all your file system.

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