Tue. Jun 25th, 2024
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iOS 14 recently went through a few changes where the new version brought features like widgets for desktop, pop-up notifications, picture-in-picture mode to watch videos on top of other windows and updating standard applications. Apple took some time to implement these features that were included in Android OS a long time ago. This has led to emergence of jokes over the internet and surprisingly, Google has also joined it.

A Twitter post was seen recently from @madebygoogle which showed the desktop of Google Pixel 4a with a reminder widget named “Realize we’ve had widgets forever” and “Tell the world about it”. Widgets have been available at the first version of Android 1.0 that was released long ago in the year 2008. The internet community has reminded about the existence of functions like multi-window, launching video in a window over applications and pop-up notifications about calls in 2011-2012.

iOS 14 improvements

iOS 14 has a new start screen which supports widgets. The widgets are of different sizes and shows weather forecast, latest podcasts, upcoming appointments and more. A new feature known as Apps Library has a list of all applications installed in one screen and automatically organized in categories.

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The new update has also included Picture in Picture feature for displaying FaceTime videos and calls at the corner of the screen. The new OS also improves the interaction of Siri with the system. The personal assistant would appear at a display icon in the bottom. It would show that the Siri is listening to the user and will answer with a notification at the top.

iPaDOS 14 improvements

iPaDOS 14 has the new features of iOS 14 but the features are optimized for iPads. One of them is Scribble which allows users to write by hand with the Apple Pencil and the content gets automatically converted into typed text. This works in all applications and also supports multiple languages.

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Photos have a sidebar that allows users to access albums, favourite photos, places and hidden options. The Archives were redesigned resembling the macOS Finder. Music, Recorder, Shortcuts and other apps have a got a new sidebar to offer a unified experience.

WatchOS 7 and TvOS 14

The TvOS 14 does not have a large number of features. It has PiP mode that supports more than one user and integration of surveillance cameras with Homekit. The system can also play 4K videos in YouTube app compatible with Apple TV.

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WatchOS 7 includes features like sleep monitoring and handwashing detection. The handwashing detection starts a 20-second counter as soon as the user starts cleaning and warns if the process is interrupted before the recommended time. The new wearable can recognize more categories of exercises like dance and functional training.

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