iOS now has a fitness tracking app, Google Fit

Google announced on Wednesday that its Google Fit app, the company’s fitness tracking app that launched on Android back in 2014 is now finally available on iOS. 

Google’s fitness app is designed around the idea of closing rings to hit activity goals based on recommendations from the American Heart Association and World Health Organization. That’s roughly 150 minutes of “moderate” activity a week, and 75 minutes of “vigorous” activity. The system is based around two metrics: Move Minutes, or the time you were active, and Heart Points, the intensity of the activity.

You can now download the Google Fit app on the iOS app store and use on an iPhone. You’ll be able to track fitness using Google’s ‘Move Minutes’ and ‘Heart Points’ metrics. These metrics make it easy to understand how much activity you are getting throughout the day and you earn ‘heart points’ based on the intensity of activity.

In addition to tracking activity with the Google Fit app, it will also be integrating with the Apple Health app so that you’ll be able to earn Heart Points by simply logging workouts and activities on your Apple Watch so there’s no separate Google Fit app for the Apple Watch to have to mess with.

The iOS version will look very familiar as it resembles many features of the Google Fit app for Android. It features the same focus on Move Minutes and Heart Point, as well as the ability to pick up different activities based on your movement. You can also connect the app with apps connected to Apple  Health like Sleep Cycle, Nike Run Club or Headspace can also sync with Google Fit.


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