Youtube Premium is getting 1080p download feature

Youtube-Premium-gets-1080p support
Google is reportedly enhancing its video-sharing portal Youtube’s Premium services. It is now offering Premium users to download 1080p videos and store them offline. The feature seems to be rolling out slowly and will be available for both Android and iOS. A spokesperson for the company said that it’ll be available in “most Premium markets,” with more being added “soon.”
Youtube was reported to be planning to raise the download quality limit to 1080p since back in February. But we never heard anything back from Google regarding this update. However, our wait was worth it and Google is finally rolling out the much-awaited upgrade for Premium users slowly and gradually.
Youtube Premium 1080p available for iPhone
The feature hasn’t been reported to be available by any Android user yet but we have seen the feature being rolled out to iPhone users and will be soon fully deployed on both iPhone and Android.What’s worth noting is that with this feature you can not only download 1080p videos but also 1440p videos if you have a device that supports 1440p or even a 4k display.


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