The Rajasthani language – Expressing thoughts in fine words!

rajasthani language

Jaipur is the capital of a state that has people speaking many dialects of the Rajasthani language. It is quite similar to the Hindi language and so it is understandable for Hindi-speaking people. Although the linguistic diversity is immense, but the beliefs and the values are the same which makes us believe that the people of the state somehow speak the same language.
The vibrant Rajasthani language has innumerable dialects of which five are the most spoken in the region. They are ‘Mewari’, ‘Marwari’, ‘Dhundari’, ‘Mewati’ and ‘Harauti’. While there are many variants of these dialects spoken across Rajasthan, the ones that are native to the tongue of the people of Jaipur are ‘Marwari’, ‘Dhundari’ and ‘Mewati’.

rajasthani language
The Rajasthani language is not only celebrated for its mixture of dialects but also because of the folk culture that it has promoted through quotes, songs, plays and much more. Although there are countless sayings, we give you five proverbs that are common in Rajasthani as well as languages from around the world.

1. आ छाय तो ढोलियां जोगी ही|
(Aa chhaay toh dholiyaan jogi hi)
One doesn’t regret if a thing of waste is wrecked.

2. च्यार दिनां री चानणी, फेर अँधेरी रात |
(Chyaar dinaan ri chanani, fer andheri raat)
Happy days don’t last for long.

3. देखते नैणां चालते गोडां |
(Dekhte nainaan chaalte godaan)
It’s better to die when you still have the ability to see and walk.

4. न कोई की राई मैँ, न दुहाई मैँ |
(Na koi ki raai me, na duhai me)
To mind your own business

5. पड़–पड़ कई सवार होय है |
(Padh padh kai sawaar hoy hai)
A man learns from his mistakes

Rainfall is a major part of the lives of the Rajasthani community as it is a desert state. That is why it is not surprising that it has found its place in this beautiful language as well. Reading on, you will find a few interesting proverbs related to the monsoon showers.

1. पपैया पीऊ–पीऊ करेँ, मोरा घणी अजग्म। छत्र करै मोरिया सिरे, नदिया बहे अथग्म॥
(Papaiya peeyu peeyu kare, mora ghani ajagm. Chhatra kare moriya siray, nadiya bahe athagm.)
The dancing of the peacock and the singing of the cuckoo bird is a sign that rainfall is certain.

2. बादल रहे रात को बासी, तो जाणो चोकस मेह आसी |
(Baadal rahe raat ko baasi, toh jaanno chokas meh aasi)
If the clouds of the previous night do not disperse, rainfall is a certainty.

3. बिगड़ी घिरत बिलोवणो, नारी होय उदास। असवारी मेँह की, रहे छास की छास॥
(Bigdi ghirath bilovanno, naari hoy udaas. Asawaari meh ki, rahe chhas ki chhas)
When the fat curdles due to the churning of curd, heavy rainfall is imminent.

Even though Hindi and English are the principal languages spoken by the people in the city, you may sometimes find yourself in places with only the friendly locals to interact with. In such a situation, it is better to have a person who knows the dialect to communicate with the local community. But it can be fun to know a few slangs which the Rajasthani people use in their regular conversations, so that it is easy to comprehend with some of the things they usually say. Initially, you may not pronounce it correctly but with the guidance of a local you can easily grasp some of the following.
1. Aawo/padharo
Meaning: Come

2. Chaal
Meaning: Walk

3. Jaawo
Meaning: Go

4. Tharo naam kaain hein?
Meaning: What is your name?

5. Aur kitto door jaano hai?
Meaning: How much distance to go?

 rajasthani language marwari


The Rajasthani language has influences not only on the entire desert state but has had an impact even in the neighboring countries. Variations of the ‘Marwari’ dialect of the language, such as, ‘Goaria’, ‘Loarkia’, ‘Dhatki’, are also spoken in Pakistan. This effect of the language not only has a unifying effect on people but also across different regions.