5 Signs You Are in a Relationship with a Narcissist

relationship tension

It can be hard to recognize that your partner is a narcissist. It wouldn’t hurt so much if it was a stranger. But you need to face the truth. Of course, most people are kind-hearted. But some make us doubt it. It’s not a secret that communication with such people depletes emotionally. Moreover, such people can significantly worsen your state of health and even change your outlook on life.

We will try to identify the five common signs that often appear in a relationship with a narcissist. They will help you understand that you are being used. If you find something common from this list in someone who is close to you, then it’s time to think about your future.

1.      You live on the basis of your partner’s desires

If you live with someone who seldom allows you to build your own plans, then you’ve probably got into the narcissist’s paws. If such a person doesn’t appreciate your time, effort or emotional need, most likely you are unloved. Relationships without self-sacrifice and compromise are not real relationships.

Here are the obvious narcissist relationship patterns:

– You spend time together only as he wants;

– Your partner chooses a place of a meeting, friends with whom you walk, and many other things;

– Your ideas are quickly rejected or explicitly ignored.

In general, characteristics are clear. If you actually notice some similar signs in your partner, then the likelihood that you are being used is high.

2.      Communication with a partner is often negative or neutral

Many experts in relationships convincingly say that individual or mutual contempt is a clear sign of unsuccessful relationships. Such feelings can arise in a person who is ashamed to communicate with you. In other words, contempt is the opposite of respect. Often in a relationship, this manifests itself in the form of constant fights, negativity, and criticism directed solely toward you. And how can you build a normal relationship with a person with whom you can’t even communicate freely? Just ask yourself, do you feel nice communicating with such a partner either on an online dating site or live? And what do you feel in general after talking with this person?

3.      Most often efforts are made only by you

Here everything is simple: if a partner doesn’t make enough effort to maintain a love relationship, then he is not interested in this. You try to add new colours to your feelings, investing emotional strength, money and time. But still, it is not enough. And if your partner doesn’t invest in a relationship, then why continue torturing yourself? If a person renounces responsibility in a relationship, this indicates his immaturity, negligence, and selfishness. A truly loving partner will not allow this. Will a narcissist ever be happy in a relationship? No! And you too will not be happy with such a person.

4.      A partner doesn’t consider your relationship as something serious

It may be inconvenient for your partner to say any kind of gentle or meaningful words to other people because it makes him feel uncomfortable. Being in a relationship with a narcissist, such a person can use any neutral phrases to not attach importance to your personality.

5.      You notice that your partner flirts with strangers

We will not spend too much time explaining the flirting problem. Everything is obvious here. Some people use flirting as a way to create a positive atmosphere. And usually, their partners are well aware of this behavior. It’s no wonder that a flirting person doesn’t worry too much about what his soulmate thinks about it. Narcissists are not ready for serious relationships. How to deal with a narcissist in a relationship? Just break up, get through relationship counseling, Move on and live happily!