5-Out of the Vase Flower Arrangement! Wows Guaranteed!

Flowers are a mood-lifter! They can transform your home’s décor and your mood in a jiffy. Want to pep up that neglected corner of your home? Go, get the flowers!  If your loved one is feeling a bit dull and down of late, it is time to order flowers online and make them feel better! However, that’s your part of work. What about the loved one who has got flowers and doesn’t have a vase at hand? Or who is just fed up of the vases but still loves getting flowers? What does that someone does then? Well, we have just the ideas that involve flowers but not the vases! Read on!

(Secret: These ideas don’t cost you a penny!)

Flowers in a Tea Cup

You must have heard of storm in a teacup but we are here talking about a teacup that brings waves of beauty to your home and everybody does seem to like it! Just get a teacup that you no longer need or isn’t part of a set anymore and place the bunch of blooms in it! Wonderful idea for a coffee table setting.

Serve Flowers in a Dessert Bowl

What could be sweeter than a chocolate pie? The visual delight of flowers in a dessert bowl! While some flowers are edible, almost all of them look insta-worthy in a bowl!  Beautiful and classy, this arrangement wins hearts and lets you earn top score as a homemaker! Impress your guests or lighten up your dining space with this arrangement without breaking your budget!

Flowers in a basket

Have a jute basket or a bucket lying around? Put it to some good use and hang some flowers in it. Make it a Thanksgiving Wreath or use it to pep up the entrance way.

Flowers in a vintage tin

Deck up your home with vintage canister tins with flowers in it! It is a wonderful idea of Christmas decoration on a budget or a fresh way to decorate for spring.  This easy- peasy and breezy flower décor idea is just about putting blooms in the tins of different sizes, types and shapes. Beautiful, isn’t it? Perp it even further with a jute string or hang it in the balcony to bring the exotic touch to your balcony.

If you have the time, you can even go fora terrarium in the jar.


Flowers in a mason jar


This is one of the simplest and easiest ideas to arrange and decorate flowers without a vase. Any glass jar in your kitchen or storage will do. If you have some time at hand, you can always crochet a nice pattern around it or spray paint it. You can arrange different sizes of jars with flowers on the shelf to give your décor a distinctive touch.

These flower idea concepts make use of some neglected items and flowers. Whether these are your garden flowers or the fresh flower bouquet you have received as a gift, these ideas are a wonderful way to breathe new life into your décor.  Easy on your budget, these flower décor ideas don’t need special skill to put into practice! So, what do you think of them? If you have any ideas, we are eager to hear them! Add to this list and let the flower creativity flowing!


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