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6 Ways to Spend a Happy Valentines’ Day if You’re Single

If you’re single and you know it, then this article is dedicated to you. If you’re fed up with all the lovey dovey couples surrounding you then it’s time for some self love.

Here are 6 ways to spend your valentine.

1. Self love

Treat yourself something lovely. Go for pedicure, manicure or hair spa and buy yourself a nice dress. If you are guy then there’s always space for some Fifa games. Why? Because self love is best love.

2. Anti Cupid party

What better way to celebrate singleness than a party? Gang up with your other single friends and have a great time of your life.

3. Movie Marathon

Get in your cosy pyjamas and order pizza, and go on a movie marathon spree. Tune in to your favourite movies and just enjoy.

4. Book love

If you are book lover, then you already have dates with your unread books. A good book and a cup coffee, could anything be better than that?

5. Gamers Haven

Plug in your PS4 and Xbox and just create a gamers haven for you and all your gamer friends. When you have games, who needs valentine anyway?

6. Family time

Valentine’s Day is all about love, so share your love with your family instead. Take your family out to a nice restaurant or cook them a delicious meal and have a quality time with them.

This valentine, you might be single but remember you’re not alone! So, have fun and enjoy your life till you find your valentine.

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